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War on women continues — GOP & Dems

Because women live longer they get Social Security longer — but now the zippers who run the Government — (0bowma and the other Republicans) have decided to cut social Security of the elderly — 75 and older — the older you are the larger your cut in Social Security. This will hit mostly women — thus the title — War on Women Continues.

“And the prime victims of this change would be poor people, who use more of their Social Security check as their sole source of income, and women. The National Women’s Law Center has a study showing that women, by virtue of their longer life expectancy and their greater reliance on Social Security, would bear more of a burden from a benefit cut of this type.”


“The above two briefing papers have all the technical information you would need to talk about this. But the main point is clear. This is a benefit cut. And it comes at a time when the older unemployed face extreme hardships. So people aged 55-64 may be struggling at the end of their careers, using up their savings, and then when they at least reach Social Security, they’ll get hit with a benefit cut.”

Very few women have pension — even if they worked for most of their lives. Especially the women in the age groups that will suffer the greatest cuts.

0bowma the wannabe Raygun. What Raygun couldn’t do — his biggest fan will do.

Now I know why my skin always crawls when I hear 0bowma’s voice — con-men and lying preachers have that effect on me.


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