TSA continues to sexually molest children

TSA in Seattle is one of the worst in the Nation. So just to prove what bad asses they are — one 6 year old was chosen to be sexually molested.


One solution from a reader of the above article suggested to stop flying.  NOTE: This 6 year old boy was sexually molested twice by the TSA. Seems like the Seattle TSA is sending a message to the world.

When the head of the TSA put out a press release the claim was made that this wouldn’t happen again — UNTIL it happened again. So now we know that the TSA plans to continue Gate Rape and sexually molesting passengers. What this means is that a group of small men with tiny penises need some way to feel powerful.

This is sickening — and unacceptable. These creeps should be in jail. Child Molesters belong in jail. Period.

From the rawnews.com take on the story:

““Immediately after this happened, my son, I hugged him and he started crying and saying, ‘I don’t want to go to DisneyLand anymore.’” Jenine Michaelis told KING 5.”

There will be one child somewhere who has been taught self defense and this child is going to do something defense when an adult invades his or her personal space. I  think all children who plan to go to Disney Land need self defense lessons. Children need to be taught how to defend themselves from stupid adults.


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  1. i totally agree with you. i’ve been wondering if anybody feels that way so i googled on the internet. at least their attitudes are worst in the nation compared to other TSA’s. interesting – that never changes. wonder what kind leadership it is to let employees go like that

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