It’s the JOBS stupid

Debt ceiling is all BS showmanship — when the real problem is jobs.

The radical right nutjobs are attempting to distract the voting public from the fact that few if any new jobs were created last month.

Now to further misdirect Prez 0bowma is threatening to withhold Social Security checks next month.

Not one single politician is to be trusted — as soon as they go to Washington they see the citizens of the US as the enemy. So the politicians write laws to protect THEIR interests — they have healthcare insurance and pensions and plush salaries and when they retire or are booted out of office the politicians have managed to take a many of the perks of office — which includes a pension.

0bowma made it very clear that he doesn’t like the baby boomers (although with a birth year of 1961 he is technically a baby boomer). Seems like he is going to war ON the baby boomers. Making Social Security payments only on HIS whim and putting Medicare out of reach for retired folks until they are 67.

0bowma isn’t a liberal, nor is he a progressive. 0bowma is a bought and paid for politicians who will only obey his puppet masters.

But don’t look at me — I didn’t vote for the con man. And I will never vote for him in 2012. NO Vote for any of the jerks is also a choice.

Matt Taibbi makes this observation:

I simply don’t believe the Democrats would really be worse off with voters if they committed themselves to putting people back to work, policing Wall Street, throwing their weight behind a real public option in health care, making hedge fund managers pay the same tax rates as ordinary people, ending the pointless wars abroad, etc. That they won’t do these things because they’re afraid of public criticism, and “responding to pressure,” is an increasingly transparent lie. This “Please, Br’er Fox, don’t throw me into dat dere briar patch” deal isn’t going to work for much longer. Just about everybody knows now that theywant to go into that briar patch.

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Sky Dancing Blog asks a most excellent question: Can you charge the country’s top elected officials with TREASON?












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