Protect child from molestation – get arrested

So why do parents end up taking video of their children being sexually molested by the TSA — rather then protect their children?

How honest is the TSA’s claim to stop sexually molesting children?

After the sexual molestation of a 6 year old girl by a TSA employee — and the outrage the video of the sexual molestation — the TSA made the following claim:

 The April video prompted a new policy that took effect last month in which airport security screeners must try to avoid invasive pat-down searches of children.

However the Seattle TSA sexually molested a 6 year old boy TWICE. Yep this child is going to have fond memories of Disneyland — NOT. So much for the TSA honesty.

Now we have a mother trying to protect her daughter from UNREGULATED X-ray and sexual molestation. Mom is arrested.

The problem with the X-ray is that the Government lies — airline passengers were told that x-ray of film would not harm the undeveloped film. This turn out to be one of the biggest government lies. Probably one of the biggest reason that digital cameras have taken over is due to the deliberate effort of the jerks who misadjusted the baggage x-rays which wrecked undeveloped film.

Now the government is trying to claim the unregulated x-ray machines are safe? Sorry since no independent scientific organization has been allowed to investigate and/or monitor these expensive x-ray machines — the TSA Government can not be trusted.

So if you are a parent who must protect your child from the government — you could go to jail.

Note: The comments following the article in the link below overwhelmingly support the mother’s right to defend her child from sexual molestation by the TSA. In the case of the Seattle boy and the girls from Tennessee — the local news media reported the action of the TSA. One of the comments pointed out the fact that the TSA employee either lied or has no idea about how x-rays works.

TSA twit remark:

 “No, it’s not an X-ray,” she told Abbott. “It is 10,000 times safer than your cell phone and uses the same type of radio waves as a sonogram.” (from the news report).

From one of the comments: ”

7:27 AM on July 13, 2011

“and uses the same type of radio waves as a sonogram.” So says the TSA person…..

Ummmm…. sonograms don’t use radio waves, they use sound waves. Radio waves are RADIATION. A sonogram uses ultra-high frequency SOUND much like dolphins and whales.

The TSA is lying to you.



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