Report anyone suspicious to Homeland security?

“Homeland Security” sounds so Nazi. Not Neo-Nazi but plain old fashion Nazi. Janet has been busy in her job at Homeland Security.  Her newest project is called: “Hear something, say something”. Is this some sort of joke? Onion or Colburn Report?

Back in the days of Hitler and his Nazis squads the German citizens were taught to spy on and report their neighbor, friends and family. Some bright light bulb over at Home Land Security has thought up a new campaign of reporting anyone who appears strange or DIFFERENT to Homeland Security. Hey Janet is this a great way to keep your already high budget and find a way to ask for even more money. Pretty soon we will have a Homeland Security officer on every block and at every post office (in rural areas). These officers will be kept busy maintaining their “people of interest” data base.


Here’s my list of strange neighbors. Henry living down the road has made numerous trips with his little red pick up — back and forth. Since I was at the post office and the Homeland Security officer was on duty with his trusty computer I felt that it was my duty to report my neighbor Henry’s extra trips in his pick up truck. Henry doesn’t go to church on Sunday so what sort of American is he anyway?

In fact come to think of it, all of my neighbors are strange. Sue lives a few acres away and she has come into a lot of money or is doing something illegal, because she just had a delivery of furniture. Oh then there’s Martha, she was wearing gold earrings — not a good sign. I think she’s joined a cult. When she starts wearing that face veil, that’s when I’m going to do my patriotic duty and report her strange behavior.

Jill just opened a coffee shop and she’s been telling me about all her customers who bring their computers and use her advertised free hot spot. She thinks most of the computer users are suspicious. She’s afraid that if she doesn’t report her customers then someone is going to report her for NOT reporting her customers. But then she needs the customers who use computers.

Francis has a arts and crafts shop at one of the marinas. She’s making notes of the people who take photos of the marina. These picture takes seem to be just tourists, but one never knows.  Everyone is under suspicious and you don’t report suspicious behavior like taking notes or whispering or taking photos — then your name is going into the Homeland security database.


Back to the Present time

Where does it stop. How far will the government go in order to “make” a few people feel safer? The problem is that this sort of xenophobic paranoia spreads. The Ugly American is us — all of us who allow the present day gestapo to create the Security Theater used to intimidate anyone they damn well please. We are well on the road to a gestapo security force dictating our lives.

I am hoping that “Hear Something, Say Something”, is a joke that was published on “The Onion” — which slipped out into the blogs. Mostly the conservative blogs have taken up the warning — but Homeland Security is a creation of the GW Bush administration — so both parties should be held accountable for the tax wasting monstrosity. Hey politicians you guys want to cut spending — look no further than Homeland Security. Get rid of it — WE the People don’t need the gestapo.





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