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Dems say trust us — must be a new joke

So anyway candidate 0bama said he wanted to take a look at Social Security. But the stupid Democrat Part just bull dozed the loser of the Primary — that would be 0bama into the position of candidate 0bama.

Now 0bama is paying off his campaign debts to the money bags who put him in office. Glen Greenwald puts it this way: 0bama is gutting core principles of democratic party.

n 2005, American liberals achieved one of their most significant political victories of the last decade. It occurred with the resounding rejection of George W Bush’s campaign to privatise social security.

Bush’s scheme would have gutted the crux of that entitlement programme by converting it from what it has been since the 1940s – a universal guarantor of minimally decent living conditions for America’s elderly – into a Wall Street casino and bonanza.

Progressive activists and bloggers relentlessly attacked both the plan and underlying premises (the myth that social security faces a “crisis”), spawning nationwide opposition. Only a few months after he unveiled his scheme to great fanfare, Bush was forced to sheepishly withdraw it, a defeat he described as his biggest failure.

That victory established an important political fact. While there are very few unifying principles for the Democratic party, one (arguably the primary one) is a steadfast defence of basic entitlement programs for the poor and elderly – social security, Medicare and Medicaid – from the wealthy, corporatised factions that have long targeted them for cuts.

But in 2009, clear signs emerged that President Obama was eager to achieve what his right-predecessor could not: cut social security. Before he was even inaugurated, Obama echoed the right’s manipulative rhetorical tactic: that (along with Medicare) the programme was in crisis and producing “red ink as far as the eye can see.” President-elect Obama thus vowed that these crown jewels of his party since the New Deal would be, as Politico reported, a “central part” of his efforts to reduce the deficit.

The next month, his top economic adviser, the Wall Street-friendly Larry Summers, also vowed specific benefit cuts to Time magazine. He then stacked his “deficit commission” with long-time advocates of social security cuts. (bolding by me). 

Note that this article is from a UK news source — thus the British spelling of various words.

Just so you 0bots get the picture — voting for 0bama was a vote to kill the democratic party. There is no anti war movement in the US — it has been defanged by 0bowma. 0bowma took all of GW Bush doctrines and made the Dem party OWN THE BUSH DOCTRINE OF WAR.

Identically, Obama is now on the verge of injecting what until recently was the politically toxic and unattainable dream of Wall Street and the American right – attacks on the nation’s social safety net – into the heart and soul of the Democratic party’s platform. Those progressives who are guided more by party loyalty than actual belief will seamlessly transform from virulent opponents of such cuts into their primary defenders.

And thus will Obama succeed – yet again – in gutting not only core Democratic policies, but also the identity and power of the American Left.

Are there any real democrats left in congress and will they allow 0bowma to kill social security and medicare.

0bots — you will get old — one day if you live long enough you too will retire. Will Social Security and Medicare be there for the 0bots. It sure is looking like if 0bowma has his way — you guys are screwed.


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