Manufactured crisis

The “debt ceiling debate is a manufactured crisis”.

I googled the phrase in quotes and got this: About 609,000 results (0.17 seconds).

The articles and blogs range from Dem to Republicans to Independent.

So the game is up — the magicians and snake oil salesMEN have been exposed.

Sampling of the google results adding “Shock Doctrine” to the search string.

So here we have a maunufactured crisis (Read the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein to understand how the GOP TEAS and their symapthizers do this), and note that Obama and much of the so-called Demcrats in the Senate are going along with this false crisis — Bill Clinton has shown that Obama with guts could stop it tomorrow, but Obama wants the cuts in the Social Safety net, or he would do what Clinton suggests.  

The Lesser Depression by Paul Krugman

A Bipartisan  move against Democracy

Bernstein:  Fight over debt limit a `fake, manufactured controversy`

Pushing Crisis: GOP Cries Wolf on Debt Ceiling In Order To Impose Radical Pro-Rich Agenda

The link above goes to a Democracy Now program and comes from this blog.

Naked Capitalism discusses Debt Ceiling farce on Real News network. This is an econ blog — well worth reading. The blogosphere appears aflame about Obama being willing to cut SS.  Oh please.  Oh, and Obama still needs to be primaried, but by waiting this long, it’s become much more difficult to do, if not impossible.  Everyone who is whining about SS who wasn’t willing to primary him, was complicit in this.

Adults don’t believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, or Barack Obama being anything but a right winger whose legacy is institutionalizing Bush, then going even further to the right on many key issues.  They don’t believe that Obama responds to anything from the left but pain and threats that are backed up with the sincere willingness and ability to see them through.

On Social Security Cuts (first need a manufactured Crisis).  Ian Welsh has been writing about this for years.

I’m not listing any links to the extreme 0bots who back during the elections acted like a bunch of ignorant savages. 0bama is YOUR Prez and you own his screw ups including his extreme lack of leadership and his participation in this debt crisis as well as his demand to harm Social Security and Medicare.

OK — here is one on the OTHER side — the so called Conservatives: The Debt Ceiling is a Democratic Crisis.

Note that Huff Po (Huffington Post) and Fire Dog Lake blog were 0bot central territory during the Prez election. Now both leading liberal/Dem blogs have changed their tune.

The Debt Ceiling “Crisis”
July 18 – July 29, 2011

The debt ceiling crisis heated up last week, as Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s threatened to lower the credit rating on U.S. debt. The financial markets appeared not to notice or to care, but may simply be expressing a confidence that the debt ceiling will be raised in time. After all, we’ve been here before. As dysfunctional as Washington is, lawmakers aren’t foolish enough to cause a self-inflicted financial calamity. Or are they?

From — Weekly Economic Commentary by Scott J Brown, Ph.D. on the Raymond James blog. Same article — different source – Stock Market Review.

The Real News network’s collection of debt ceiling stories.

The collective aim of 0bowma and his Republican party = 

Analysis: U.S. credit downgrade ‘inevitable’

A bunch of already rich folk are set to GAIN from this downgrade. Whenever one wall street gambler loses — another one will win. Republican Cantor of the Congress is set up as a winner. WHO are the treasonous traitors?

Remember this is a phony, fake, illegitimate, false “crisis”.


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