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Legal Gambling-on a world scale

While looking up definition for a financial gambler’s term – VIX* — I stumbled across something else. It is a simple graph — comparing two sets of numbers from 1998 through 2007. Remember that the crash of Wall Street and the banks happened near the end of 2008. So these numbers predate the crash when banks and Wall Street firms needed millions if not billions of Tax Payer funds to remain solvent.

World Wealth vs Total World Derivatives

Wikipedia is the source for the chart — Derivatives.

Derivatives = a financial contract whose value derives  from the value ofunderlying stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, etc …  a substance that can be made from another substance, …..   arising out of or dependent on the existence of something else  (from dictionary.com).  

Now I understand why the stock market wants all the money in the world — they have gambled away all the money in the world already. Look at those ghost columns which represent what??  Fiction?

What or what financial groups or corporations are responsible for this massive mess?  So the Tax Payers rescue con artists?

We are all truly _______________  fill in the blank.


VIX = created by the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1993, is the Volatility Index.



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  1. You are a very talented blogger, and I absolutely enjoy reading your posts.

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