Never ending political campaigns

Most of us were raised hearing that USA USA USA is the best. Well of course we hear what we want to hear — so yes the USA is the very best at everything. Lately we’ve been hearing some very sour notes — that perhaps the USA isn’t perfect.

How about the never ending political campaigns that seem to happen only in the US? Seems like the only people who run for higher office are the ones who love the never ending campaign. Some political opinion makers and twisters and hacks tell us that although one individual is rather stupid about economics, education, creating jobs — never mind this politicians is a “natural” at campaigning.

0bama has been campaigning for office for so long that he really doesn’t do anything else. He flies around the country on tax payer money building his war chest for the next campaign. He really hasn’t had time to learn about economics or how the political system in DC works. He isn’t alone in his stupidity and lack of empathy with the vast majority of Americans. We witnessed another litter of politicians of the Republican breed “debate” in Iowa. Most of these candidates have been campaigning for months (years) already.

American political campaigns are obscene in the amount of money and time that is taken away from the real bread and butter issues WE the people deal with on a daily basis.

Shall we have an honest campaign by selling the politicians to the highest corporate bidders? Then we will know up front and without a doubt that every politician will be representing the interests of their pay masters and not the people of America.

But then there is a name for the politics of America — it is called Political Theater. Never mind that the majority of Americans live from pay check to pay check and something like 60% couldn’t come up with $1,000 in an emergency. The aim of the vast majority of politicians is to keep the gap between the top 1% and the bottom 99% as wide as possible.

Yves Smith has an article on Salon:

Income inequality is bad for rich people too

The wealth that has accrued to those in the top 1 per cent of the US income distribution is so massive that any serious policy program must begin by clawing it back.

If their 25 per cent, or the great bulk of it, is off-limits, then it’s impossible to see any good resolution of the current US crisis. It’s unsurprising that lots of voters are unwilling to pay higher taxes, even to prevent the complete collapse of public sector services. Median household income has been static or declining for the past decade, household wealth has fallen by something like 50 per cent (at least for ordinary households whose wealth, if they have any, is dominated by home equity) and the easy credit that made the whole process tolerable for decades has disappeared.

The never ending political theater continues to take our attention away from what is really happening.


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