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Blame it on the corporate lobbyists says Steven Pearlstein

Steven Pearlstein: Blame for financial mess starts with the corporate lobby

Pearlstein has hit so many nails on the head with this one column that it is nearly impossible to paste three paragraphs. Go read this quick lesson on the dangers of mixing Wall Street and politics. There was a very good reason why Corporations were heavily regulated during the Great Depression and why Wall Street and the Corporate lobby needs to be regulated — with perhaps a huge wall put up between Corporations and Politicians. Bottom line the vast majority of politicians are whores.

Here’s how Pearlstein begin his essay and it keeps the pace up for three pages. Pearlstein — you are my new hero.

Want to know who is to blame, Mr. Big Shot Chief Executive? Just look in the mirror because the culprit is staring you in the face.

J’accuse, dude. J’accuse.

You helped create the monsters that are rampaging through the political and economic countryside, wreaking havoc and sucking the lifeblood out of the global economy.

Did you see this week’s cartoon cover of the New Yorker? That’s you in top hat and tails sipping champagne in the lifeboat as the Titanic is sinking. Problem is, nobody thinks it’s a joke anymore.

Did you presume we wouldn’t notice that you’ve been missing in action? I can’t say I was surprised. If you’d insisted on trotting out those old canards again, blaming everything on high taxes, unions, regulatory uncertainty and the lack of free-trade treaties, you would have lost whatever shred of credibility you have left.

My own bill of particulars begins right here in Washington, where over the past decade you financed and supported the growth of a radical right-wing cabal that has now taken over the Republican Party and repeatedly made a hostage of the U.S. government.

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