Who really won the Ames Straw Poll

The Straw poll for Presidential Candidates is a huge media event. So someone won and someone came in second and someone quit after a poor showing.

What the media didn’t share with all their headlines and personal accounts of being pushed — is that the votes are basically a farce. The straw poll is a huge money maker for the Iowa Republican party. Prime spaces are auctioned off to the candidates. The largest areas closest to the entrance are the biggest money makers. This year Ron Paul made the winning bid at $31,000. The fee to vote is $30 and some candidates pay the fee for their supporters.  In terms of organization it looks like Michelle and Ron have a well oiled team.

Iowa is also home to the infamous caucus — and the caucus system has been bought by 0bowma. The caucus system is undemocratic — it has no place in picking a party’s candidate for State or Federal office.

The political campaign season lasts forever it seems. 0bowma has already started his campaign — visiting only friendly places with high employment. OH — all at tax payer expense. We are footing the bill for the corporations puppet.

Apparently Michelle B. got fewer votes than she paid for. We are in an era when comedians deliver better news reports than the so called “mainstream news”.


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