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Will the US military stand for a cut in their pension?

There are several articles about the proposed military pension overhaul. Apparently the cutbacks that the politicians want will fall on the heads of the military Veterans.

Look military pay is rock bottom and even with the perks making ends meet is still a major headache for military families. When military personnel retire at 20 or more years they have mostly likely been earning less than if they had gotten out after getting schooled and trained in the military. It is rough to take a flying leap into civilian life with little or no cash or savings. This is how it is for the majority of military. Most military families are moved constantly and most learn how to manage with one or both parents gone on long deployments.

How likely is it that current military personnel will opt to be career military if there is no pension until they are 65 or older??

The real option is to cut back on the on going wars, help the military personnel retrain and rejoin the civilian world with job assistance. Keep the promises made to the personnel now in the military — nearing that promised pension (Fleet Reserve is the Navy’s term for pensioners).

This threat could be merely theater. Threaten the Veterans — so no real cuts in the way the military industrial complex wastes money and human lives.  I don’t trust politicians and being a Navy brat (dad was career) I learned that the military lies about just about everything almost all the time.

FireDogLake blog’s take on the military pension “reform”. 


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