Jobs and voodoo machine politics

Steampunk art has been the rage for quite awhile. You know it when you see it — Victoria era type art with modern embellishments. Some of the Science Fiction TV shows and movies use a variation of Steampunk art. Frank Herbert’s Dune books and the movies they inspired have Steampunkie type art.

Many of today’s politicians seem to be living in sort sort of time warp — their brains are back in the Victorian era and their mouths are in the modern era. Toss in some 19th century Bible goblin gook about God’s demand that women be submissive to men (similar garbage is found in the Koran) — and we have a very ugly version of Steampunk style politics and religion.

The Gilded age from which the creative concepts for Steampunk ART resembles today age of greed with two classes (very very rich and the rest of us). I really believe that art and politics are linked — and often artists pick up themes and express these themes in their artwork before non artists realize that we have entered a new era.

Something about the fundamentalist and Dominionists that has bugged me is their full acceptance of modern technology — they tend to have the latest cars, cell phones, computers etc. Yet when it comes to their attitudes toward women — they are stuck in the 19th century. Also these conservative fundamentalist Dominionists are stuck back in the 17th, 18th and 19th century when it comes to their knowledge and beliefs about economic theory. The very people that Jesus would have whipped and thrown out of his temple have taken over many Churches and are demanding that the US become a Theocracy. That concept always makes me wonder who is God going to talk to and how do we know that God is really talking to that person? Which God is that person talking to — the God that is one big penis? Or perhaps the God that demands that his people kill everyone except a chosen few? Who are his people?

Dakinikat over on Sky Dancing had a most excellent rant today which she titled: Voodoo Economics on Steroids. Below is the rant I was going to add — but I decided to leave one sentence and post the rest here. Sky Dancing blog generally has at least one excellent rant every day.

My rant and I’ve bolded the part that I left — because it really is the essence of what 0bowma really is.

0bowma should have been working to understand economics — he should have been sending his wife out all over the Nation to listen to the people like FDR did Michelle 0 is too busy taking vacations & party planning to follow the example of Mrs. FDR or even Hillary Clinton.

 0bowma hasn’t really changed — grown in this job. He has expanded the war without funding this war — he surehas  learned the War President trick from GW bush. These unfunded bush/0bowma, wars according to the econ charts on deficits seem to the major driver of the current Recession. 0bowma took over just about all of GW bush’s policies — unfunded wars, pandering to the religious right, being a war prez.

0bowma is so unoriginal that his screw ups are copies of someone else’s screw ups.

He could still take the time to learn some of this stuff — but he is far too lazy and he would rather campaign. What the 0bots have given the world is someone who can only campaign.

I, for one, appreciate the effort Dak has put into her fine fine rants! I learn something new every day.

There does seem to be this idea that a two week course turns uneducated people into experts. Or winning a political office makes someone an expert — without the work. Perry the stupid (or Colbert’s choice — Parry with an “a”) is threatening a former professor of economics?? As if stupid Parry knows more?

It seems like only the stupid and the stupid ones who think they are smart are the ones  running for Prez.

When I read or listen to what any of the candidates say I want to light my hair on fire and join the professional Economists who have been screaming for a long time now. But I’d be joining the hair on fire dance as someone who knows way too much about the right wing religious nutters who have taken over the Republican Party. These people are religiously insane. These people are waging war on women, on gays and on anyone who doesn’t believe in their nutty religion. They even are against college educations — unless it is at one of the nutter colleges. 


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