Recall Republic Missouri School Board

One of the worst nightmares women have is to be raped and then no one believes them. Then what if the woman is forced to apologize to her rapist for lying. If she were in an Islamic country she might be stoned to death or whipped to death.

What if this happens to a school girl in the US? In fact in Republic Missouri this is exactly what happened to a 7th grade student. After reporting the rape she was bullied into recanting by the adults. The very adults were were supposed to protect her. She was expelled from school and then “allowed” to return to the same unprotected, hostile and dangerous environment. The boy only had to wait until he could find a time and place to rape her again (on school property — in the library). Where was the school counselor or the school nurse — was anybody at this school standing up for the victim?

The staff of this school’s response to the second rape — not again — she is lying aging.

Her mother took her to professionals who collected the physical proof of the rape. The school’s response — still blaming the victim.

The boy was taken away — and pleaded guilty to some sort of secret charge. Is he in jail? Will he be listed forever as a sexual pervert/rapist? This is the Missouri Christian Taliban — so who knows.

Vote out the Republic Missouri School Board

Sky Dancing blog has the story here and here. CNN covers the story here. CNN’s headline calls this a “rape claim” — but since the rapist has pleaded guilty to something — then and there is physical proof of the rape. Seems like males are busy continuing to protect rapists even the ones that start as soon as they can “get it up”. Boys this age have been getting away with rape and sexual molestation for a very long time.

CBS is covering this story with more details. The school counselor is one of the school’s staff being sued. Unbelievable that a school counselor would be part of the abuse of this girl.

If you have a blog — blog this story.


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