Memphis 3 are released after 18 years

Which means that the real murderer has gotten away with murder all this time. This is what happens when a corrupt DA obeys the will of hysterical citizens and goes after the strange kids down the road. This case is also a perfect lesson in just how the witching or witch trials of the last dark ages were used to murder millions of women in Europe (and the Colonies).

A horrible crime happened 18 years ago three boys were murdered and three older boys were blamed. Six boy’s lives and the real murderer is still on the loose. There was no justice — the three boys, now men, who survived have lost 18 years.

Empty Wheel has been watching and reporting this case:

Not here; I feel nothing but sweet sorrow because, while Damien Echols (who had actually been on death row most all of the intervening time), Jessie Misskelley Jr. and Jason Baldwin are free, a solid little chunk of the American justice system, due process and fundamental fairness was sacrificed in the process.

Let one of the three, Mr. Baldwin, speak for himself and me here:

“This was NOT justice. I did not want to take this deal, but they were going to kill Damien an I couldn’t let that happen.”

And therein lies the huge rub. The facts had never been particularly solid against these three once young men. They were brow beaten by avaricious prosecutors, sought to be lynched by a southern community ginned up on fear, horror and emotion and poorly served by their attorneys at the original trial level. In short, every facet of the American system of due process was compromised and tainted, and they have sat convicted, one on death row, ever since as a result.

Thanks to a litany of friends, motivated activist celebrities like Johnnie Depp, Natalie Maines and Eddie Vedder, and documentary filmmakers the cause of the West Memphis Three has never died. And, in fact, I would love to say that all that sweat, love and belief was vindicated today. But, sadly, that is simply not the case.

The good folk of Tennessee were all set to string these three boys up. The legal system has failed these men and continues to fail them. There will be no apology from Tennessee and probably the cops won’t bother to find out who really killed the three boys so long ago.

Tennessee is a backward, ignorant state. With apologies to the minority who try to do the right thing.


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