Time for the moment of truth – Obama

LBJ — President Johnson was a good President but he continued the unpopular war in Southeast Asia. LBJ looked at the numbers and decided not to run for another term. LBJ was a leader and he might have been able to pull off a win — but at the loss of the democrat party. Who know what might have been? We had Nixon who was impeached and then President Ford and the wonderful Betty Ford as first Lady.

Obama is looking at some very bad numbers for any President at this point in his term. He has made a fool of his most ardent followers and the Democrat party is in disarray from lack of leadership. Even the fools in the Republican Party who are itching to run against Obama don’t make Obama look better.


The debt deal really does appear to have demoralized the base, and the weird thing about it is that this is one issue where if Obama had done what folks on the left wanted him to do, he also would have had the support of independents. The deal has proven to be a complete flop in swing states where we’ve polled it like Colorado, North Carolina, and Ohio. And in every single one of those states a majority of voters overall, as well as a majority of independents, think new taxes are going to be needed to solve the deficit problem. ”

Here are links to two articles which have lists showing that the Obama administration is really just the third term of the GW Bush presidency.

The ultimate sin to voters and anyone with common sense is the fact that Obama continues his war on Social Security and Medicare.

Obama and Mrs. 0 preach austerity to Americans but we see no evidence that they know what austerity even means. These are two people who have had it easy compared to the vast majority of Americans. Obama bought two new buses from Canada to take his midwest campaign tour. Mrs. 0 travels on a separate plane — just because she can (evidently — because there is no other acceptable excuse).

Give it up Obama — Retire and live somewhere on a tropical island with a golf course. Leave the rest of us in peace. As I see it with Obama in the White House there will be a couple more forever wars started.




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