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Coast Guard Wears Combat boots when boarding private boats

I wrote this a few days ago and put it on the back burner. This is my account of a “random” boarding of our sailboat by a group of men who we think were the Coast Guard. But in the process of boarding our sailboat the four thugs nearly wrecked the life lines and would have bent the posts holding the life lines — thus destroying a SAFETY feature of sailboat. So if this gang claims to be doing “safety” checks why are they trying to make civilian sailboats LESS safe? Many of us grew up listening to the mythology of the Coast Guard “protecting” and “helping” Americans. But as the police and Coast Guard continue to become part of the MILITARY machine — motto of police and Coast Guard is no longer “To Serve and Protect” but rather to harasses and dominate.

Either we were boarded by the Coast Guard or hijacked by a gang wearing black combat boots pretending to be the Coast Guard.

Since the Coast Guard acts like a hostile occupying force when making “random” hijacks of private boats — they too should be added to the list of hostile occupation forces in the United States, along with the highly militarized police forces throughout most of the US. Is the US turning into a modern copy of Hitler’s Germany?

Most Coast Guard needs training on how to be understood on the radio. 

Apparently the Coast Guard doesn’t bother to train personnel how to use the radio, messages are garbled and repeated only once — while the front end of the message is repeated three times (somewhat clearly — as least the “Coast Guard” is understandable.). The Canadians on the other hand have a professional radio presence. Canadian Coast Guard are able to give complex information over the radio while speaking clearly and distinctly. This sort of professional presentation is missing from the US Coast Guard message delivery.

America has undergone major negative changes since the end of the Cold War era. During the cold war the enemy was evil and willing to do anything to take over America — or so we were lead to believe by the politicians and religious leaders. Now that the Cold War has been won we now must be wary of the “terrorists” — apparently it is so unclear WHO exactly these terrorists are, that everyone is treated as a potential terrorist by the home guard, of der Fatherland (a.k.a. Homeland Security). The TSA — a unit of Homeland Security feels empowered to sexually molest any and all passengers –even little children.

American Citizens are treated as if we were the enemy by the “new” military.

Right after the twin towers were hit on September 11, 2000 — anyone was a suspect. Massive amounts of money were spent on small “buzz Boats” to chase off any boat coming “close” to military boats or territory. The keep away distance was set arbitrarily rather than a case by case bases.  In many cases military buzz boats charged civilian boats — attempting to either force the boat aground or block channels into bays. Thankfully the buzz boats are now out of action and markers have been placed so that pleasure boaters and fishers know which areas are off limits.

The Coast Guard has became an enforcement agent for the Navy, guarding military ships during their passage to Naval bases in the Puget Sound and the Hood Canal. After 9/11 and with the passage of the “Patriot Act” the Coast guard began transitioning to their new role as the hostile military occupation force — keeping America safe from everyone, including Americans.

Post 9/11 suddenly anyone in a boat was considered the enemy. I started hearing stories of forced boarding of privately owned pleasure craft. The excuse used was that the Coast Guard needed to do “safety checks”. When in fact the expensive red boats were used aggressively like barbarian thugs. There were persistent reports of Coast Guard military boards boats with crews wearing military style BLACK combat boots forcing their way onto civilian owned pleasure boats. Decks are destroyed by the black tar combat boots worn by the Coast Guard. Boat repair after the invasion by the Coast Guard often required hours of cleaning or repairing damage of done by the hostile boarding parties.

Normal Coast Guard Patrol often rude to other boaters.

Our usual exposure to the Coast Guard’s expensive “go fast” boat were the severe wake the left behind. The red boats speed through narrow passages, leaving huge wakes in their paths. We learned to yell WAKE — whenever we saw a Coast Guard red boat — knowing that they would not be very neighborly or kind when they shamelessly tossed boats with their wake.

Unfortunately everything we had been told by other victims of the US Coast Guard is very true.  We were boarded (randomly — BS) and treated like criminals. First the thugs nearly ripped off the life lines on our boat when three grown adult males grabbed the life lines and pulled at the same time. My husband asked they to “STOP” until he opened the gate. These guys were pissed that we wanted them to board one at a time through the gate, which had re-enforced stanchions, specially design to take the stress of boarding. Repairing that damage would have cost several hundred dollar as well as many hours of labor. It was really shocking to watch three grown men attempting to destroy our sailboat’s life lines. Their damned “safety” check was in fact endangering our lives — if we had allowed them to destroy the boat’s life lines. The men were also male chauvinist pigs — when I asked them not to wear their black tar combat boots on my boat. (These pigs assumed that since I was female I didn’t know how to steer my boat.) Their boots did in fact leave heavy marks which took heavy scrubbing to remove. To get rid of the black streaks which will not scrub off we will need to resurface the decks on the port side of our sailboat (projected cost of the resurfacing is approximately $200). They gave us no respect and I responded in kind — with no kind words for thugs and pigs. Prior to putting our sailboat in the water for the trip to the San Juan Islands we had a mandated insurance company survey done on the boat. The boat passed the survey with no problems — in fact we have gone above and beyond any coast guard safety requirements. So again this boarding was a sham and a farce. All they were really interested in was — show us your papers or we shoot you – just like Hitler’s Nazis. This was the underlying message.

Since I have absolutely no fear, nor respect for these creeps I told them exactly what I though of their Homeland Security — Gestapo behavior. My dad was career military and he bought into the Cold War mythology. I know he wouldn’t be pleased that the sacrifices he made for his country have been sh#t on by the US Coast Guard and the rest of the hostile occupation forces, other wise known as the US Military.

Message to Homeland Security types who believe they are prison guards. 

You guys are supposed to be working for the tax payers — we pay your salaries. Everyone should be concerned when a civilian force becomes militarized steam roller and behaves like bullies, hooligans, thugs, barbarians and terrorizes We the People — we remember and find it very difficult to trust anyone who wears a military uniform. I’m wondering how long it will take the US to turn into evil bad guys of the Cold War. In Red Russia, Red China and Red Korea the civilian population were treated like the enemy of the state and watched and monitored constantly. East Berlin built a wall to keep their citizens from escaping. I was in East Berlin and East Germany in the 1970s — and the East German military was a hostile occupation force — ready and willing to shoot their own people. I had a close friend who lived in Berlin when the Nazi brownshirts invaded homes looking for “illegal” books. So yes I am concerned when I see the militarization of police forces and the US Coast Guard.

Most people are now too fearful to talk back or report the gestapo actions of the Coast Guard and others associated with Homeland Security. I’m complaining about the US Gestapo — but most people will simply repair the damage caused by the Coast Guard — and complain to other boaters. Here are other examples of gestapo behavior. This report from Florida– pointed guns at crew — or not? Also wore combat boots but may have removed them. This was a police action — and NOT a safety check.

have been boarded before by them with guns in hand,,,they like to try to intimidate people,,,,,,they claim is is for there safety,,yea right,,,most of the time they are polite and respectful and professional,,, but you are dealing with the human factor,,never know what can happen,,i have had over a dozen boarding in various yachts and boats and only once did they come aboard with guns in hand,,,,,,that was wrong but it is what it is,,,,had the dogs onboard once but all was good when they left.

These reports sound similar to our negative experience at the hands of Homeland Security-a.k.a. Coast Guard

Two of the Moss Landing Harbor residents who were the subjects of random boat searches during Labor Day Weekend say their experiences were closer to armed invasions than the friendly “safety inspections” characterized by U.S. Coast Guard officials.

Both residents said search crews entered the harbor in inflatable boats with machine guns mounted on their bows. Then, carrying M-16 rifles, they approached residents and boarded and searched their boats in the name of safety and “homeland security.”

One resident, who asked not to be identified for fear or retribution, said his experience was “very intimidating, very frightening.”

“To me it reeks of Nazi Germany and the death squads in Argentina,” he said. “I don’t want my name on their list.”

. . .

“It seemed a little unreasonable at 10:30 at night,” he said, “but it was the middle of the night and I was half asleep, so I said ‘OK.’ At this point, I looked out and saw six to eight officers (on the dock) and all appeared armed.”

The officers boarded his boat and quickly spread out beyond the immediate deck without invitation, saying they were conducting a safety inspection.

“I can say with all certainly that what they did was not a safety inspection or in any way related to a safety inspection,” he said. The officers demanded access to the bilge, saying they wanted to make sure the boat wasn’t taking on water.

“This was highly suspect,” Jones said. “If you’re on board, you’d know if you were taking on water.”

When Jones showed them the bilge, the officers repeatedly, and with increasing forcefulness, demanded to know if there were other accesses to the bilge. They also “demanded” the driver’s licenses of everyone on board.

Here’s a comment and experience from another CG boarding survivor. The CG bastards are heavily armed.

Coasties seem friendly enough, but anyone fishing for Salmon in Alaska out of thier little boat can attest to the nasty way these supposidly “safety inspections” are carried out. It goes way beyond the need of safety and way beyond what you would tolerate for your home. The catch: Often a Boat is your home.

Your wonderfull Supreme Court has held these gun-point searches are legal. 

The photo below is similar to the go-fast boats used to terrorize boaters in Washington. The Red and white boat is a photo of a  Coast Guard Boat in NYC — the ferry is a NY ferry.

Coast Guard boat with guns

Coast Guard Military boat

2 Responses

  1. This post did get a negative response — as expected.

    The response was along the lines of .. . how dare your publish the bad behavior of the Coast Guard — they are perfect — they are god.

    Today’s Coast Guard is different than the mythology.

    Having yahoos in a red boat come up alongside our boat and demand to know if we had “firearms” (we did not) and then proceed to almost destroy our boats life lines is bad behavior. If indeed this was a real CG “safety” why did they attempt to destroy a major safety feature?

    I don’t like being lied to by anyone — especially not a boatload of barbarians who are tarnishing the good name of the Coast Guards men of earlier generations.

    Wearing black combat boots is bad behavior.

    The old Coast Guard is gone — they can’t even speak clearly on the radio. Very few Coast Guard radio operators on Channel 16 are able to give a clear message — the main message is rushed and then they shout OUT!

    If the Canadians can speak clearly on the radio — then the Americans should be able to the same.

    In an emergency I won’t depend on the Coast Guard — based on the behavior they display. They just want go fast boats and more toys.

  2. Ok, first off your fact gathering skills need to improve. September 11th happened in 2001 not 2000. The militarization of the Coast Guard happened long before 9/11 as they are the 5th branch of the military and have served in every armed conflict of the United States since the war of 1812; however 9/11 triggered the ”new normal” and a move to the department Homeland Security from the Department of Transportation. Also the Coast Guard escorted Navy vessels, some cruise ships and tankers long before 9/11, but citizens and private boaters never where aware of this.
    Having retired from the Coast Guard in 2005, I can’t speak to what the Coast Guard may have become since then or what you may have experienced, nor can I assume to know what kind of information this particular boarding party had. What I can assume is that god forbid a sail boat or yacht filled with explosives where to blow up a Disney Cruise ship full of families, a LPG tanker passing under a busy bridge or a Nuclear power Aircraft Carrier we would be hearing citizens complain that the Coast Guard isn’t doing ENOUGH to protect us.
    Yes, in my day we were called the water Nazis or Storm Troopers because we became tasked with drug interdiction and started doing boating safety boarding’s with weapons. No matter what you may think, the Coast Guard is still the best value the American citizen has for their tax dollars; think back to Hurricane Katrina, who was the first there to help the victims? The Coast Guard.
    I cannot dispute your complaint about Coast Guard radio procedures as this was a pet peeve of mine throughout my career, but realize this is a society problem. Listen to young American, they communicate better through text than the spoken word.

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