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Occupy Wall Street has grown

Occupy Wall Street has grown. Perhaps we can thank the corporate Cops of New York City who decided to beat and mace a few “hippies”. Watching that cop wearing the white shirt macing innocent protesters was very stupid but typical cop behavior. I firmly believe that often it is the cops who are rioting — and they are protecting the interests of the 1%. When the cops on the line realize that they are indeed part of the 99% and that the pensions they have been promised will NOT be waiting for them when they retire — then perhaps real change can happen.

John Smart has a clip of “Chris Hedges annihilat[ing] Kevin O’Leary. Chris Hedges did a superb job of explaining what OWS is all about. Kevin O’Leary from Toronto did some name calling and basically acted like a jerk.

I’m on the road again — this time in New Mexico. It would seem that in western and northern New Mexico some of the most popular stores are Walmart, Big Lots, Dollar General and Family General. As yet we have not been to a crowded or busy Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or Lowes. People don’t have the money to spend on home improvements. The economic reports are telling us that income hasn’t risen and there are few if any jobs. Meanwhile the CEOs of major corporations are making multi millions of dollars.

What sort of future will today’s high school and college graduates have? College grads are now saddled with thousands of dollars of debt — that’s before they even begin their careers (often as store clerks).

The tipping point in OWS’s protest has been reached.

0bama might have been right — CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE. But that change will probably not happen with his leadership — because he represents the very Corporate interests who are stealing from America. Take a look where 0bama’s money is coming from — Wall Street.


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