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coming to your hometown – drones

I’m on the road — touring the Southwest until next Spring.

So far I’ve seen extreme poverty and extreme wealth. There are pockets of private land in the middle of the Gila National Forest. Most of this land is farm land and range land where you can see working farms and cows grazing. Then there are the pieces of land sold by ranchers so that they can stay in business. Huge houses are being built on these mini ranches, as the worthless for farming land is usually advertised.

New Mexico has several “scenic driving tours” and we were on one of the extreme back roads heading into the Gila National Forest. It was lunch time so we stopped for lunch and I was taking photos of the mountains in the distance. This was a high overlook or vista on a steep road. Camera in hand — I suddenly saw two small white aircraft. Instantly I knew I was watching the flight of drones — just like the ones used in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in the near future, Africa. The biggest clue that I was watched the flight of drones was that there were no windshields in the tiny craft, plus their size means no humans were physically piloting these low flying drones. No civilian air craft would be flying so low – in fact I am told that this sort of joy riding would be illegal for civilian aircraft.

Once we returned to our home away from home I quickly did a google search and found photos of the drones and some additional information about the increasing use of drones against civilians in the US. It is all about the need to monitor and keep the 99% of us under the control of the militarized police gestapo forces in the US.

Tampa will host the GOP convention next year and they will be using drones to monitor citizens.

Rick Perry, who is the Texas Governor trying to win the GOP nomination. He wants to use drones to monitor the US/Mexico Boarder.

drones in your backyard?

Drone like the one observed over Gila National Forest, NM

Article about drones and photo at this link. Article with more information about the militarized police.

Rick Perry wants to use the drones to watch for illegal drug traffic.

The two drones that I watched were completely silent the whole time they traveled over the landscape, until they turned down a canyon. Then all I heard from the drones was what sounded like distant thunder. We continued to hear the thunder of the drones for several minutes. These drones are designed to sneak up on a target — deliver their rockets and be out of sight.

Earlier in the day we realized that we also witnessed another very low flying aircraft — again very small, with no windshield. This one was painted a bit darker color. There were no identifying markings on this aircraft.

The Occupy crowd is fighting for a better future and I’m in a remote area of the country watching the future fly by.

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