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State of the Police State

Now the TSA are fashion police. A 17 year old student was questioned and harassed by dim witted TSA former burger flipper because of her purse — which had a small REPLICA of a gun.

Although the article didn’t mention if she was forced to walk through the death ray machine — pregnant women are NOT excused and must either go through the machine or be sexually molested by the gestapo TSA.

The facts of the death ray porno machine still stand — these machines are not regulated or inspected by the FDA. NO independent USA testing has been done on the machines. However, these machines have been tested in Europe and have been rejected as being potentially harmful to European fliers and also a waste of money and time due to a high rate of false positives. In other words these death ray machines flag innocent travelers for sexual molestation because of baby bumps, breasts or genitals.

These death ray machines — can give from 6 to 100 individuals cancer per year. You see the problem with x-rays is that the dosage is cumulative and one doesn’t know when the next TSA x-ray could give the dose to trigger cancer. Besides which there is no reliable or believable data on what these machines might be doing to the TSA agents, since the bosses at TSA refuse to allow the TSA working next to the machine — which would track the dosage workers are exposed to.


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