For more information as to why this strike is necessary go here.

Apparently one of the objectives is that REAL names will be required — and rather than that preventing copyright violations etc. what will in fact happen is that stalkers will be able to attack anyone at any time.

SOPA is just one of many efforts to kill the Internet — or make the Internet a complete tool of governments. We know already what the fascists can do to block access to anything than the news and views deemed acceptable to the dictators of a country — China is a prime example.

Anyway this is a big deal — and if anyone wants to continue to have access to an Internet free of government and corporate censorship — contact your congressional representatives. and let them know your opinion.

Amazing isn’t it that this censorship and fascism is coming to pass under a so called democrat President?

See the blog for more information — Wikipedia will also be blacked out tomorrow.

This is a quote from the link at the top of the page — and be aware that the government control is coming NOW. Without any legislation.

During all the shouting about SOPA and proposed blackouts to ‘protest’, the organization that actually runs the DNS root servers, ICANN, the backbone of the web, has been quite busy in plain view on changing the game, in favor of the government. 

It’s been highly underreported that ICANN is now accepting submissionsfor new gTLD’s, or ‘generic top level domains’. 

Without getting into all the details of what that means, other than possibly hundreds if not thousands of new domains like .shop .dork .shill and .drone that you will be able to register vanity domain names under, ICANN has come up with a new requirement upon registration: 

You must verify who you are when you register a new domain name, even an international one. 

So, if I pay GoDaddy or any other outfit my $9 for and have it point to my server at, I will have to prove my identity upon registration. Presumably with some form of government approved ID. 

This way, when OPEN or perhaps a non-NDS-version of SOPA is passed, if you break the rules, you will be hunted down, regardless of where you live or operate since this also includes international domain names.


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