Coast Guard as UNION busters in WA State

In an ideal world — there would be no Homeland Security and TSA would be unknown. But we live in a world owned by Corporations. At one time the coal miners owed their souls to the company stores — and now we all owe everything to the multinational corporations. (or so it seems.)

The Coast Guard is part of Homeland Security and the old Coast Guard is gone. The Coast Guard are water cops and they are just like their nazi brothers on land. ICE is part of Homeland Security — and that home grown outfit seems to be filled with bullies who make their own laws. US citizens are being held by ICE and deported by ICE. The rhetoric from both parties about illegal immigrants is almost identical so even with a regime change we aren’t going to see any improvements any time soon.

Washington State has a long union history and experience with strike breaking by the US Government. The Year was 1935 and the strike breaker — National Guard Troops.

The newest attack on Unions is centered in Longview, Washington. It seems that whenever a corporation like  EGT LLC proclaims “new and improved, or state of the art” that means a whole lot of people lose their jobs. When hundreds of jobs are lost — tempers flare and there is often violence. What employees see is CEOs getting millions, workers being fired.

One of the West Coast’s most powerful trade unions is in a high-stakes fight over who runs a state-of-the-art grain terminal in southwest Washington. Allegations of “union busting” and “illegal activity” are at the heart of a conflict at the Port of Longview.

In the middle of a July night, throngs of people lined train tracks at the Port of Longview and blocked a trainload of grain.

“The night of that blockage, it was a thousand people probably, close to it,” says Dan Coffman president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 21.

Because of the blockade, the brand-new terminal hasn’t fully opened and grain shipments have gone to other ports. Dozens of union members have been arrested this summer. The target of all this activity is EGT – the company that owns the terminal.

Union president Dan Coffman, “I look at it as they’re trying to bust a union. Everybody knows the ILW is one of the strongest unions in the United States, and I believe the attack’s on.”

Here’s the part about Coast Guard Strike breaking —

Jones, the Coast Guard commander, said the Coast Guard will enforce “safety zones” around the grain terminal and the approaching grain ship. Jones said the zones, which are commonly declared by the Coast Guard, allow the agency to enforce security buffers. If protesters try to blockade the grain ship, the Coast Guard will be on the river conducting “safety inspections” and trying to keep protest boats from being run over by ships in the channel. [bolding added by nwr.]

Read more:

Note the use of “safety inspection” — in print there is proof of safety inspection being used as intimidation and threatening by the coast guard — aka nazi Homeland Security aka employees of Corporations but paid for by US tax dollars — working for corporations the vast majority who do NOT pay taxes.

Interesting that there is the historical link with strike breaking by the WA State National Guard during the “great” Depression. And Corporations today are shipping jobs overseas. Nice work Coast Guard. NOT.

Perhaps someday the Coast Guard will again become the friend of boaters — and have the equipment to triangulate distress calls like the Canadian Coast Guard already has in service.

Note: Coast Guard related. Democracy NOW has an interview with two victims of rape — rape that happened to female military personnel and that was lied about and covered up by the very officers who were supposed to provide a safe work environment. This is a new film about the invisible war — which sounds to me  like officers against enlisted personnel. One of the women interviewed is a Coast Guard enlisted woman. I have zero tolerance for rape. In this case we see abuse of command and rape by superior officer plus cover up of rapes by the officer’s superior officers. Everyone of these bastards should see jail time.


Isn’t it interesting that the Coast Guard Admiral admits to using the “safety” inspection to harass and intimidate — exactly like I blogged a few months ago??? That blog was the subject of — how could you be so mean to the darling Coast Guard??? responses. Now it turns out that the harass and intimidation is Coast Guard policy. When the Coast Guard wears combat boots and attempts to destroy a boat’s lifelines — while supposedly boarding a personal sailboat for a “safety inspection” — that is an indication that what the Coast Guard claims to be doing and their REAL reason is very different.

Today’s Coast Guard isn’t your father’s Coast Guard. New motto for the Coast Guard. Welcome to das Homeland — show us your papers or we put you in jail.



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