FBI break into wrong house again

Just who is the terrorist?

A mom and her child were terrorized by the mob of FBI rambos who used a chain saw to break into her home. The mom was forced to lay on the floor while listening to her terrorized child in the next room crying and sobbing for her mother. Thankfully the FBI didn’t use a drone to take out the apartment.

Anymore it seems that we the citizens are under attack by mobs of macho jerks — the problem is that these macho jerks have been known to murder innocent citizens who just happened to be the wrong address.

The US Government drones which could be armed used to hunt down American Citizens and kill American Citizens. Cops and FBI break into homes — and terrorize the occupants. The US Coast Guard — acting as ICE (immigration agents) board boats and demand to see citizen”s papers — proving that the boat owner and passengers are citizens. (The CG boarding are not — on probable cause — rather for the reason that these creeps can get away with abuse of authority and abuse of power). This is Gestapo like behavior. Unless citizens speak up against this un American behavior by the military and militarized police forces — these agencies of the US Government will become more abusive and continue to terrorize US Citizens. My ancestors who fought against unjust actions by the British and broke away from England would not be please with the way the US Government is acting like the English in America of the 1770s.

The US military acts like an occupation force — their black mail demands for more money for more toys (to save us from “terrorists”) while the real terrorists just could be Immigration who ship US teens to Columbia.

Oh and then the US is now in 47th place for Freedom of the Press. This means that 46 other Nations give their press more freedom than the US Press. Not surprising at all that the US ranks so low when a film maker is arrested for trying to film a Congressional committee. The subject of the film maker’s movie — Fracking. So does this mean that that Congressional committee is a supporter of Fracking?

The FBI name brand has been in poor shape ever since their esteemed leader — J. Edgar Hoover was exposed as a cross dresser who liked to have his agents collect gossip on famous people.

In doing research for this blog it is hard to choose just one terrorist act by the US Government — but perhaps the largest is the US military stealing land in SE Colorado for Drones. When the military steals this much land AND air space a whole lot of people are being terrorized. Here’s the website for more information : http://not1moreacre.org

Weaponized UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), also known as drones, have their own caucus in Congress, and the Pentagon’s plan is to give them their own state as well.

Under this plan, 7 million acres (or 11,000 square miles) of land in the southeast corner of Colorado, and 60 million acres of air space (or 94,000 square miles) over Colorado and New Mexico would be given over to special forces testing and training in the use of remote-controlled flying murder machines. The full state of Colorado is itself 104,000 square miles. Rhode Island is 1,000 square miles.


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