Which is worse

Racism or misogyny. Which is worse? Hate for a whole group of people — either by gender or race is stupid. And yet in this “modern” age mass hatred for the other is still going on.

In 2008 we had a black guy running for President of the US against a white woman — and this black guy poured on the misogynistic remarks and played the misogynistic music. It was obvious that this man really did NOT like nor understand women. So he back stabbed and cheated and bought his way into the White House. He got women to work for him and clean up his messes. He was not nor will he ever be ready to be President of the WHOLE United States of American. 0bama only works for the really really rich males who bought the White House. Some say that he has learned on the job. Others say that all he has ever done was run for office.

Now we know who 0bama will be running against this November. Mittens Romney. His GOP party is involved in an all out war against women — while claiming to really really love women. Romney is the member of a church where women are second class — almost considered subhuman. The sole purpose of women of this church is to produce babies. Women according to the dogma of this church cannot get into heaven unless they are pulled into heaven via a secret handshake. This church like so many other Christian churches has very little respect for women. As far as I can tell all Christian religions are patriarchal. The forced subservience of women has been drummed into women and girls since the days of the witch trials when millions of women were put to death by roving bands of male priests (dressed in skirts).

What a choice women have — the ones who are able to think for themselves. Should we vote for a misogynist who sided with Stupak and helped to restrict and deny women control over our own bodies — or should we vote for a member and leader within his church who considers women less than human?

In my case I refuse to vote for any extreme — and that includes either of two males running for President — who have shown that they hate women.

If anyone needs proof how much women are the target of hate — check out this video clip on Cooks and Liars.


Kirsten Power was on a GOP talk show with one of the many Republicans who is at war with women. Hannity had invited a misogynist who calls all women little whores and sluts.

After all, there’s no one in the mainstream media who has quite the array of running associations with far-right nutcases that Sean Hannity has—going back to the days when he palled around with white supremacist Hal Turner, and continuing through his ongoing sponsorship of wackos like Birther extraordinaire Jerome Corsi. Most notably, Hannity continues to promote and support another WorldNetDaily nutcase, Jesse Lee Peterson.

Last night, however, even a Fox Democrat like Kirsten Powers found it too hard to contain herself when seated next to Peterson. As Ellen at NewsHounds points out, Powers completely derailed Hannity’s planned Obama-bashing segment by turning to Peterson and demanding he explain himself for his recent declaration that most women are “little whores”.

Check out the last link for the details about this misogynistic “minister”.

This creep can get away with calling all women whores and sluts — thanks to 0bama opening up Pandora’s box for all misogynistic males. (Let’s not forget the female misogynists — like the Governor of Arizona.)

How far down the path of misogyny will the Republican and Democratic parties go this year???

Hatred of a whole group — based on race or gender (or sexual orientation) is just plain stupid and primitive.


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