All women crewed submarines

So Mrs Obama’s newest idea by her staff — oh gosh are these guys earning their salaries or what?

Mrs. 0 is campaigning for an all female crew for subs. This just might be a good idea — of her staff. 

An all female staff would certainly give women Sailors and officers the notches need to move up the career ladder.

Then there is that awful fact that many service women are raped. One of the health problems that the VA health system has had to deal with are female Vets and the long term trauma from rape by fellow military personnel. 

Here’s the link. 

Why am I not impressed and fawning all over this news. Because it is pure showmanship — PR. This does nothing for the rest of the women in America. Women still don’t have equal right — equal human right.

Michelle — this is a very tiny step in the right direction but it still pathetic. After 4 years in public eye — you are telling us you are campaigning for an all female submarine crew. What the Trident subs — joke.

Try again sister — try again. How are your daughters going to look back on your pathetic response to the lace of the ERA for ALL Americans. A submarine for you girls. 


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