Looking forward…

Looking forward to the next four years — it will probably be 0bama. Once folks really get to know Mittens Romney and his record as Governor where he left office with a 34% approval rating — they are going to vote for the lessor evil — 0bama. Romney is a serial liar and he has no empty for the 99% and no understanding that the children of the 99% would like a better world or even a living world once this generation passes into history. 

So I’m going to start a wish list for Mrs. 0bama. She’s had a free ride these last few years — a full staff to do everything for her — in order to turn her into yet another PR creation. This wish list is what I think she should do to earn all the perks she gets — free private plane taxi service just about anywhere she wants to go, any time she wants to go. Did I mention her huge staff? That too. We the people pay for her staff — therefore she works for WE the people. 

She has already chosen one charity — fat kids and food. So lets look at the food kids eat — which would include the poison called High Fructose Corn Syrup. Yes for some children — and we don’t know the exact number — HFCS is a poison. The poison factor depends on the child’s genetics and if specific a gene was inherited to produce the liver enzyme to digest HFCS. There is  lot more poison in our food supply and in our water. I’d like to ask her to become an expert on this subject. Call experts to the White House and let them teach you about the poison that so many children eat every day. Do that before lecturing parents about natural or organic food — which is a feel good topic but not relevant to parents who are trying to survive on food stamps. 

Then there is the subject of the ERA — this amendment to the Constitution is long overdue to be passed. Why not make this one of your major goals — do this for your two daughters. Make a name for yourself as the champion of equal rights for all women. Promise me that you will do that and I will even consider voting for your husband. 

There are many other causes that Mrs 0bama could champion besides the first two — food and human rights are the first two that came to my mind. 


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