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Pink submarines

We all live in Yellow submarine a Yellow submarines . da da da da daaaaaa. da

News Flash from an alternative reality — this just came in over the wires …. or wireless or whatever.

I see that Mrs. George Bush II is championing an all female crew for one of them there underwater boats called submarines or something. Would that be the civil war era sub or something?

Mrs. Bush is so out of touch — doesn’t she realize that segregation and back of the bus treatment of African Americans — I mean women — is so 19th century. Segregate the subs, segregate the military so boys can be boys.

This is the 21st century and military women don’t have to be constantly on guard against sexual assault. GOP doesn’t believe rape happens and if it does — well what do the women expect anyway — boys will boys.

Looks like Mrs. Bush’s old man is out campaigning again and he wants the women’s vote — so he put HER staff on working on an angle to make it look like he really cares about the little women.

Next ad out by Mrs. Romney will be about how she is championing all female air crews for a few AF planes. Oh what about an all female tank crew?

Segregation and not dealing with the issue of rape in the military is so GOP.

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