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Martha Stewart got jail time a few years ago

Martha Stewart is rich and she is also hard working — always putting out a new cook book or developing something new to market. She has her brand in several stores — Petco, Joanne Fabrics and Michael’s arts and craft stores.

Meanwhile the crooks and liars working on Wall Street — the very ones who also got welfare because they busted their banks by gambling — these guys (men mostly) are NOT in jail. They’ve been absolved of their crimes. Money was looted — money is gone — and US tax payers spent billions to bail out a bunch of over paid, whinny boys. Now the same idiots have gone and done it again.

But Martha Stewart was sent to jail. So everything is just fine — see the financial cops do their job. NOT!! The regulators don’t seems to be regulating much at all.

In my snowbird journey in the Southwest I spent weeks in one place at a time and I listened to the local people — women mostly and every single woman mentioned that Martha Stewart was jailed for a far lesser crime than the robbery on the US Treasury pulled by the Wall Street mafia mob  bankers etc.

See the Business or Money section of US Today apps for Android or the website for more details of the current massive lost by just one brokerage house/bank. I’m not even going to mention their name — because a new one will show up in a week or so. That’s where I’d place my bet (if I were a betting person) — I’ll bet that there are more banks betting on long shots out there.

Also in the business section — the banks who deliberately broke laws, robo signed people’s homes into foreclosure, lost and misplace paperwork — these banks were fined and then the many of the states decided to take the money to use to fill holes in State Budgets. Non of the crooks who paid fines went to jail. But then putting people in jail (1 person in jail per 100 persons of the US population.) Keeping people in jail cost a lot of money and the folks in jail aren’t holding jobs and paying taxes. Why are tax payers paying to keep so many people in jail? Some of these prisoners could be out making money and paying taxes.

Why haven’t the individuals who are responsible for the financial melt down losing their money?? The guilty ones — proven guilty should have to suffer in the loss of what they value most — MONEY.

I’m sort of confused — who are the criminals? Jails are busting at the seams — Private Corporations are buying, renting, building or taking over state prisons. This is big money — Wells Fargo has gotten into the corporate bank venture — they spent some of their taxpayer bailout money on buying corporate jail stocks.These corporate jails aren’t FOR the corporate Wall Street thieves — no these jails are for people who get caught up in the system. Most people in jail are there for non violent crimes.


Violent crime was not responsible for the quadrupling of the incarcerated population in the United States from 1980 to 2003. Violent crime rates had been relatively constant or declining over those decades. The prison population was increased primarily by public policy changes causing more prison sentences and lengthening time served, e.g. through mandatory minimum sentencing, “three strikes” laws, and reductions in the availability of parole or early release. These policies were championed as protecting the public from serious and violent offenders, but instead yielded high rates of confinement for nonviolent offenders. Nearly three quarters of new admissions to state prison were convicted of nonviolent crimes. Only 49 percent of sentenced state inmates were held for violent offenses. Perhaps the single greatest force behind the growth of the prison population has been the national “war on drugs.” The number of incarcerated drug offenders has increased twelvefold since 1980. In 2000, 22 percent of those in federal and state prisons were convicted on drug charges.


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