Missing safety nets in America just like 3rd world countries

Peter S. Goodman has written a must read article at Huffington Post. He writes about the missing safety net for women with children who are denied child care for their children. By not finding affordable child care women can not take advantage of job training or any of the services that the “welfare” agencies use to tease the unemployed. 

Bill Clinton got legislation passed which was supposed to help welfare moms find jobs. But leave it to the states to find ways to take the money and not provide the services. In Georgia welfare workers have their jobs which seem to be keeping women off welfare and assistance who should qualify for assistance. Georgia has discovered that by not assisting with child care that any money not used for this purpose can be spent elsewhere. 

So simple — refuse women’s application for child care — and that mother has nowhere to go. The state doesn’t have a “program” in place to trace the thousands of mothers who have been denied child care. 

Georgia and all the other states who have discovered the magic way to “reduce” their welfare numbers are merely 3rd world countries. 


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