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Why fly?

This summer we took a long tour of the Southwest. During our road tour we drove by several major International Airports and witnessed the downturn of the economy with hundreds of acres of empty car rental lots. There are many reason why people aren’t flying commercial airlines in the numbers which would support the now empty car rental lots. Of course there is the war on the middle class and the high jobless rates. Workers are also working longer and not being paid for that work, and many people don’t have the money or time to take vacations any longer. With Unions under attack by major corporations — vacations may be something kids will read about in history books.

But there is one reason which no one seems to consider — how many people are refusing to fly because of the terroristic tactics of the TSA? There are so many stories about TSA sexually assaulting children, cancer survivors, nursing mothers and survivors of rape. Apparently if you object to TSA’s sexual assault they will call the cops to beat and continue the sexual assault.

The latest protagonist in a seemingly never-ending drama starring the Transportation Security Administration and would-be airline passengers is a 56-year-old rape victim who was arrested and banished from the airport after refusing to be patted down.

Upon entering the security checkpoint at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the woman, Claire Hirschkind, told TSApersonnel that a pacemaker-type device implanted in her chest made it impossible for her to pass through the body scanner. Following TSA policy, a female agent then escorted her to a separate area where Hirschkind was to receive a pat down.

Having suffered the ignominy of rape, Hirschkind told the agent that she refused to allow her breasts to be touched and asked to be wanded instead. The agent, again following protocol, explained to Hirschkind that that was not an acceptable alternative and that if she resisted a pat down she would be arrested.

She was arrested — tossed to the floor, hand cuffed and dragged.

One more lawsuit against the TSA.

I’m betting that one of the reasons for the acres and acres of empty rental car lots and the huge number of people NOT flying is due to the Terrorists called the TSA.

The link highlighted above has many more links to other TSA outrages.

Why Fly? WE — all of us are suspects.

Will the TSA be sampling food and drink bought at the airport? This seems to be the newest paranoia and dogmatic TSA tactics. Sexual molestation and porno photos aren’t enough — now they want to steal our food and water. NOT me — I refuse to fly.

Will Romney be an improvement — NOPE! He’s the one who invented — everyone is a suspect — for the Mormon International Olympics that he proudly uses in his resume.

Back in the mid 70s I spent the summer in Europe. As it happened the East Germans made travel to East Berlin easy for a few weeks. I’ve been through Checkpoint Charlie. What was most surprising is that there were wide streets in East Berlin but no traffic. There were few retail stores. People weren’t out enjoying the parks or museums. The beer halls were full and the food was awful as was the beer.

To visit west Berlin or to leave west Berlin everyone and every vehicle is searched. I traveled to Berlin via train and left in a private car. The boarder guards completely dismantled the inside of the car looking for what? The East German guards were identical in behavior and attitude to US boarder guards and the TSA. The repressive and anti-democratic guards of East Germany must be the ones training US boarder guards and the TSA.

When the TSA can call a 4 year old child a “suspect” — the line has been crossed. I feel so badly for the children today — they will never know what freedom.

In other news of the stupidity of the current crop of authorities in charge.

Kids can’t use sun block to prevent sun burns in Washington state. Now how stupid is that? This takes the cake for authoritarian stupidity.

Violet Michener, 11, and her 9-year-old sister Zoe were badly sunburned after spending an afternoon in the sun at school in Tacoma Washington, reports the Daily Mail.

Their mom, Jesse Michener, was furious when she learned that teachers refused to allow the children to apply any sunscreen because of a state law (video below).

In Washington State, students are not allowed to apply or carry sunscreen in school because it is deemed a prescription medication, even though it is purchased over-the-counter.

Jesse Michener claims that one of her daughters has a form of Albinism, which makes the skin more prone to burning and that the school was aware of this condition.

Michener wrote on her blog: “Two are home today as a direct result of how terrible they feel. My children indicated that several adults commented on their burns at school, including staff and other parents.”

This case isn’t even rare or unique. 

In one school district I was told that even prescription drugs for asthma were locked up. I was concerned about children not having access to medication in case of emergencies (nurses or part time or non existent in many schools). The asthmatic girls I was talking to said that if she couldn’t get to her medication in time that she would die — and she thought that might be the reason — survival of the fittest. Oh, you must be joking, I said. No she was very serious. I felt so sad and there was nothing I could do. The school district administrator was on record as having a zero tolerance for drugs. Period.

Common sense and critical thinking are missing — IMHO.




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