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NYC patriarchy war on women



The TSA on a daily basis sexually molests passengers.  There is no other word which fits  groping men, women and children with threats to jail or tax anyone who resists.


Now it appears that the New York City Cops (also called pigs) are using the same tricks in order to sexually molests women. It would seem from reading the article linked above that the male cops stop women for any reason they can make up. They see women they want to touch and grope and they demand the women stop for “inspection. The stupidest “reason” given was that these male cops were looking for a male rapist. So they demand three women walking on the street — stop! So that these women could be groped by the pervert cops. Why? The cops of NYC don’t need a reason to sexually molest women (or rape women) they are males and they can get away with sexually molesting women. Trust cops — I don’t think so. Memories of unwanted touching by men in authority never go away.


The stupid reporter for the New York Times — (why is that newspaper still in business??) tried to make it sound like the ladies got upset when their lady parts were groped by the men. NO stupid ass reporter — the women were sexually molested by cops. The patriarchy of NYC is no damned different from the cops of Egypt who sexually molest any women they want to.


There are bad men all over the world and it seems that the patriarchy is in a never ending war with women — even the NYT doesn’t get it.


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