Choices of Election 2012 Part 1

We have two long Months ahead of us. Gazillions will be spent on Advertising. Billionaires will be spending millions to influence the vote. No matter which guy wins — I doubt it will be the end of the world. Although one of the candidates is part of a Church that believes in the END TIMES.

Election 2012 won’t come too soon for many people. This political discussion is of course completely USA focused. However since the ruler/leader of the free world is often referred to as the President of the USA then this election is important to the world. Lives of many depend on how a few people vote.

I’m an Independent, member of no political party therefore I can and do see the warts on the noses of the two “perfect” candidates of the two legacy parties — otherwise known as the Democrat and GOP.

The Democrats have decided to continue with President 0bama. The GOP has chosen Mitt Romney after a very long Primary Season.

0bama is not an angry white guy like Reagan or Nixon or Romney and 0bama is not a Mormon. Those are points in his favor. Obama grew up in Hawaii, also another point in his favor.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon — and he is a very highly placed Mormon.  That alone puts a big question mark in Mitt Romney’s column.Mitt wants to convince us all that he is a former severely Conservative  Governor of that state on the east coast — the one that already is the original form of 0bamacare which was enacted under Mitt Romney. The Mittcare sort of gives Mitt a point but then he tells us that he is going to terminate (fire) Mittcare/Obamacare. Mitt tells us that he is a job creation guy — but he doesn’t have the record in public or private service to support that claim. Mitt has made millions by being a Vulture Capitalist — and he has more experience putting people out of work and shipping USA jobs offshore. What does this have to do with his Church — well he has given a great deal of money (an estimated 10% of his income) to the Mormon church.

Of all the political flip flopping and speaking with forked tongue that Romney is famed for — I am most concerned about Romney’s religion. In the next few weeks I am going to explain exactly why Romney’s Mormon religion concerns me and I will explain exactly why his religion sends up red flags. Basically it should NOT matter what religion a person claims to be — the USA is supposed to be a secular nation. But there are groups within the USA who deeply believe that the USA must be a Theocracy — one way or the other.

As I’ve already explained — I am Independent politically and I belong to no religions organization. I find the study of religion, mythology and behavior fascinating. My first psychological research project was on the topic of religiosity and personality. Anthropology has always been one of my major interests, even before I learned that there was a name for the cultural observations I’ve engaged in since I was in grade school. I grew up in Hawaii and went to the local schools, often the only haoli (white person) in the class.

My mother is an Evangelical Christian. Her religious beliefs come directly from the Christian Bible. Since I went to her church, and had Bible lessons and attended a few years of church school and two years at a Church college (until I rebelled) — I am well schooled in the Evangelical fundamentalist Orthodox Christian religions found in the United States.

Now the Mormon bit that bothers me about Romney. I always knew that my Grandfather was born in Utah and raised as a Mormon until he rebelled and left home and the Mormon church at about 18. When I decided to research my father’s genealogy in more detail, I discovered that my Grandmother was also raised in a Mormon family and that she had a long Mormon pedigree. When one researches family genealogy dirty secrets are uncovered. No Mormons on my mother’s side — just Native Americans .  (Since I didn’t get patriarchal tribal dispensation to write that — some of the fools might pitch a fit.)

Part of Genealogy is understanding the era in which our ancestors lived. So for me that means I wanted to figure out how a whole bunch of New England bred and born ancestors ended up in Utah as Mormons. Joseph Smith and the Mormon church converted thousands to this new American born and bred religion. Mormon missionaries traveled to Europe and as a result a huge influx of new Mormons traveled to the “colonies” to add to the Mormon numbers.

Then Joseph Smith led his faithful west from one perfect spot to the next. At least two of my great great grand fathers were in Illinois when Joseph Smith was killed in a gun fight. I don’t know where they were during that moment in time but they are listed as among those who lived in the Mormon community in 1844. By tracing my ancestor’s journey to Utah I also learned about early Mormon history. Since I’m also interested in religiosity I wanted to understand the hold this church has on its members.

Now the USA is faced with choosing between two very flawed candidates — one who is still an unknown even after 4 years. He has a record but damned if I understand what his core values and morals are. The other guy is a Mormon and we do know more about his Mormon church and what he believes in. Since he has reached a very high rank/level in the Mormon church that means he has been following all the rules and being the perfect Mormon.  Some might even say that Mitt Romney has been watched and groomed for this job.

Right now the Mormon Church has convinced most Americans that Mormons are just another American Christian Church. The official name of the Mormon Church is — The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Somehow  using “Jesus Christ” in the church name didn’t ring true to me. It has been years since I’ve read the history of Joseph Smith and his invention of a new religion. This new religion came about during a period in American History called the Great Awakening. The Jesus Christ of the Mormons is a very different Jesus Christ as described in the Bible and by true Evangelical Christians.

Joseph Smith claims that he went out to the woods and pleaded with GOD to tell him which religion he should choose among all the new religions. He claims that God came to him as a man — note — as a man in a column of light. . . . . And that was the beginning of the Mormon religion. That God appeared as a human male is one very major difference in the theology of the Mormons and Evangelical Christians — as well as most main line old world Christians.

However, my Aunt, who is an Evangelical Christian, tells the story like this:  Joseph Smith got the family maid pregnant and in order to avoid legal punishment he invented the Mormon Church which included plural wives (polygamy). Having many wives (at least three) is central to the foundation theology of the Mormon church. SEX sells anything. The main branch of the LDS have outlawed polygamy but the Fundamentalist LDS still follow the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith’s teachings.

Today the LDS (Latter Day Saints/Mormons) is a very big church. There are also several splinter groups. After Joseph Smith’s Death his first wife, Emma Smith went off with Joseph Smith’s sons and they formed the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Polygamy was not part of the theology of this branch of the church. Then when Utah wanted to join the United States, the Mormons needed to have another vision from their Prophet in order to disallow plural marriages. So the LDS/Utah joined the United States, but a group of Mormons who were faithful to the original Prophet, Joseph Smith, and his book of Mormon broke away and started the Fundamentalist LDS with plural marriages as part of their theology.

Mitt Romney’s grandfather packed up the wives and kids and headed south to Mexico. George Romney, Mitt’s father, headed north to the USA and the rest is history, with Mitt Romney the first LDS candidate for the office of the President.

What do you know about the  Mormons? What do you know about the history of the Mormons and what they believe? Are Mormons real Bible Christians? How do Mormons view their religion compared to other American Christian Religions? Does Romney support the separation of Church and State?

There are former Mormons and current Mormons who seem to have many of the answers to the above questions. This is the first entry in a multi chapter investigation into — what would it mean if the USA had a Mormon Priest for President. Right now I can tell you that women and gays would suffer the most. The Mormon church has already declared war on the ERA (and won the first round) and declared war on gays in California (won the first round and lost the next round). The campaigns against the Equal Right Amendment and Proposition 8 (gay marriage) in California was funded in large part by the Mormon Church.

The Mormon church has membership numbers in the millions and is one of the wealthiest churches in the world. However, many would disagree that the LDS is a church but it is rather a CULT. So we will consider the meaning of the words — Cult and/or Church in future episodes of Politics — American style.

More information:

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