End of Timers can be dangerous

Update: Juan Cole has some more details about the backers of anti Mohamed film. According to Juan Cole one of the End Time groups  that was involved in this Anti-Mohamed film project:

evangelical associates in the shooting of the film, including Steve Klein, a former Marine and current extremist Christian who has helped train militiamen in California churches and has led “protests outside abortion clinics, Mormon temples and mosques.” My guess is that most of the Egyptian Copts involved are converts to American-style fundamentalism. [emphasis mine]

Apparently 0bama was on target when he said that Romney fires and then aims.

end update.


We might as well be truthful about the Presidential sweepstakes going on and how one of the candidate’s religion will have a major influence in how he responds to events in the Middle East.

First religion in the campaign cannot be ignored — not with the huge influence of the fanatical religious right on the Republican party. Evangelical Christians have one driving belief and that is the END TIMES are close. The believe that The END TIME will begin in the Middle East and so any time there is violence in that region or threats to Israel; then the Religious Right and Evangelicals are hoping that finally this event will convince Jesus Christ to return to earth. At this point several of the END TIME focused religions disagree as to exactly what will happen next. Most END TIME religions draw from the Bible, specifically Daniel and Revelations. The Mormon Church uses The Book of Mormon to guide their view of the END TIMES.

Max Blumenthal of the UK Guardian, an online News source asks the following question:

Did an inflammatory anti-Muslim film trailer that appeared spontaneously on YouTube prompt the attack that left four US diplomats dead, including US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens? American officials havesuggested that the assault was pre-planned, allegedly by of one of the Jihadist groups that emerged since the Nato-led overthrow of Libya’s Gaddafi regime. So even though the deadly scene in Benghazi may not have resulted directly from the angry reaction to the Islamophobic video, the violence has helped realize the apocalyptic visions of the film’s backers.

Of course those of us who understand the dogmatic belief of the End Times that drives radical Christians won’t be surprised that this film or just the YouTube trailer was created for one purpose — the violence we are seeing in the Middle East over this film.


This expectation that those involved in developing and funding this film that violence “might” happen — sound rather like someone standing up in a darkened room full of people and screaming FIRE! Also it is rather like “it takes one to know one” — meaning the End Time cult members know how to rile up the radical Islamic.

Here’s a sample of the background information Max Blumenthal has on the brains behind this mess of a film, please read the full article to understand what these End of Timers are willing to do to bring their Jesus Christ on home.

Before Nakoula was unmasked, the only person to publicly claim any role in the film was Klein, an insurance salesman and Vietnam veteran from Hemet, California, who emerged from the same Islamophobic movement that produced the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

Innocent Americans have died because of the religious belief of those who are pushing a 21st century Crusade.

Certainly as Secretary of State has said — words (or a film) are NO excuse to murder innocent people.

“To us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible,” Clinton said at a meeting with Moroccan officials in Washington. “It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and provoke rage. But as we said yesterday, there is no justification — none at all — for responding to this video with violence.”

Clinton added: “There are of course different views around the world about the outer limits of free speech and free expression, but there should be no debate about the simple proposition that violence in response to speech is not acceptable.”



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