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Violence in Middle East – updates

So in the last episode according to early news reports — spontaneous gangs started attacking US Embassies in the Middle East, in reaction we are told to the trailer of a movie about Mohammed the holy prophet of Islam. Here’s a link with background information about the possible reasons for this movie. By the way, according the information on this link the movie (called The Innocence of Bin Laudin) had one showing and 10 attended. The promotional information for this movie was in Arabic. One of the producers of the Young Turks took a photo of the movie poster which contained a phone number. Call the phone number for $3.99 for more information — once connected the caller is told that their credit card will be charged $119. Once the connection is made the caller is asked to leave a message. Scam on top of scams. 

Next Rachael Maddow reports about one of the cables on WikiLeaks

On her show Thursday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow explained that the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya appeared to be the work of an organized jihadist group rather than the act of an angry mob.


She noted that Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who was killed along with three other Americans, wrote a diplomatic cable in 2008 regarding Libya that was later released by WikiLeaks. The cable described Derna, a city not far from Benghazi where Stevens was killed, as a hotbed of al Qaeda activity.

Raw Story (http://s.tt/1nkvn)


Emptywheel (13 September 2012) has already speculated about the possibility that much more is involved because the safe houses were also attacked. After the initial attacks on the American consulate in Libya and the death of the Ambassador and embassy staff, the surviving staff were moved to two safe houses. But the location of these safe houses was known to an organized group who were ready with weapons. 

The Islamist plot in Benghazi

One strand of coverage revised the initial claims that the mob that burned the consulate in Libya were responding solely to  an anti-Mohammed film, The Innocence of Muslims. Jihadist chat rooms and–presumably–SIGINT made it clear that the attack on the consulate was planned in advance, probably as retaliation for the death of Abu Yahya al-Libi, whom we killed in a drone strike in June.


Drones are already swarming in the Middle East. Many Middle East observers have been concerned that the “safe” Drone warfare could have repercussions to Americans in the Middle East.  

The blogger CTUTTLE on Fire Dog Lake has an article posted “Embassy Attacks Should be a Wake up call”..

U.K., German and American Embassies have been attacked in Sudan with video at the above link. 

Here’s the opening bit from ctuttle’s article — a quote from another observer of Middle East politics. And finally someone mentions the violent reaction of radical Islamists to the CARTOONS about Mohammed in Denmark. 

The inflammatory film is merely the pretext, or rather a spark, that ignited the protests throughout the Muslim world… Here’s a MIT PoliSci Professor’s take…

Q. The proximate cause of many of the violent protests occurring right now is this video that was released online. But probably many of these demonstrators have not even seen the clip. To what extent should we think of these events as being caused by the video, and how much do they hinge on longer-term tensions?

A. I think the video is largely a trigger, as were the cartoons about Muhammad printed in Denmark some years back [in 2006]. The reality of the matter is that there are huge levels of latent anti-Americanism in the region, and despite the supportive role of the Obama administration in the Arab Spring [of 2011], the general population is largely anti-Western and anti-American. So these things can be very potent triggers, in getting people in the street. And, of course, some clerics readily use them as ways to mobilize people. We have had attacks in Tunis, in Yemen, in Khartoum against the Germans, so it is spreading.


It’s very disturbing, particularly in Egypt. … The Libyan government condemned the attacks, saying they wanted to bring the perpetrators to justice, while in Egypt the reaction of President Morsi was basically to say people should rally against the video. It was only later, after he got reprimanded by President Obama, that he basically accepted the fact that nobody should be getting attacked…


In a way the current violence in the Middle East is like the Perfect Storm. All the ingredients came together ready to ignite. Sort of like the Crusades and the Patriarchy doing battle again (and again, and again, and again). Always keep in mind that the End Timers greatest desire is for the Middle East to erupt in massive violence — according to the End Times mythology ground zero for the battle of the End of the World/End Times is the Middle East. Many Evangelical religions feel that it their duty to help the End Times Along. Toss a match in a building soaked with gas or something along those lines. Not all Evangelicals are this fanatical — but some are.

There seem to be two versions of Jesus Christ — the kind man who gave us the Beatitudes and then the Christ associated with the End Times mythology. 


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