How did that Romney video leak?

This is a neat little story — in fact it could be sub titled “Family Values”. 

President Carter’s Grandson is a researcher — an online detective. He saw a video snip of Romney on YouTube and knew that there was much more to the story. The video was taken down and then reappeared again and Carter managed to contact the individual who posted the video of Romney in the wild, among his own kind. 

This Carter grandson, named after his famous grandfather was tired of seeing his family’s name dragged through the mud by the Republicans — but he is also a Democrat of the old school and he wants to see the Democrats win. 

Anyway Carter persuaded the anonymous person who recorded Romney’s remarks to give the video’s the David Corn at Mother Jones. The rest as they say is history. 

Back to my theme from yesterday — Does the religion of the President really matter? Today more of the Romney in the raw tapes are being discussed — this time Romney’s remarks about the Middle East and the two state solution. Remember that Romney is an End of Timer — he is a solid, temple approved, Priest of the Mormon Church. One of the Mormon doctrines is the belief that the End Times will begin in the Middle East — and then Jesus Christ will return. The real hard core End Timers don’t want peace between Israel and the Arab World.

The current violence in the Middle East was helped along by the movie trailer which was doctored by extremest Christian End of Timers. From David Corn’s, Mother Jones article: 

At a private fundraiser, the GOP candidate calls Middle East peace “almost unthinkable” and says he would “kick the ball down the field.”  —  At the private fundraiser held May 17 where Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney candidly spoke …

Remember Romney’s trip to Israel earlier this year? From Romney’s remarks about his great love and devotion to Israel one would assume that Romney would obey any and all demands of the Israeli leadership. But it goes much deeper than than — according to Romney’s Mormon doctrine — Israel, the Mormons and the USA are tightly linked. 

Now we know the birthers are having cows because 0bama’s father was from Kenya — although 0bama’s father had no role in 0bama’s upbringing — somehow 0bama has become a socialistic Muslim guy. On the other hand the guy running on the Republican ticket is a Mormon high priest (who was also a Bishop) who believes because of secret Mormon rites is also a Aaronic Priest (Jewish priesthood blood line from Aaron). Ex-Mormons have exposed all or nearly all of the Mormon secret rituals and ceremonies as well as the secret Mormon theology. Walter Martin’s book The Kingdom of the Cults (The standard reference work on the subject) has a chapter on the theology and history of the Mormons — which further explains the theology and history of the LDS/Mormons. The Mormon version of priesthood is quite unique and far too complex. Both Martin’s book mentioned above and Ed Decker’s book, My Kingdom Come. go into great detail comparing the various priesthoods — Jewish, Christian and Mormons. Christians and Jews are Monotheists and the Mormons are polytheistic. Not that I personally believe in any of this Patriarchal theology.  

LDS killed the ERA and they forced their religious dogma on ALL women. Romney is a high priest of the Mormon church and I expect that he will follow his Mormon theology because his first duty is to his church. Not all Mormons are like Mitt Romney — this church doesn’t make people evil — but evil people can use their church or any religion to excuse their own greedy behavior. 


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