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Mormon church threatens members who speak out against Romney

Cults* monitor and manage their membership constantly. It is no surprise that social networking on the internet is being monitored by the Mormon Church for any negative remarks by members. The Mormon church has stepped over the line into meddling with politics so many times — why is this political organization still have tax exempt status?

Mormon church threatens to excommunicate member who criticized Romney
A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints says that church leadership is on a witch hunt against him after he criticized Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. David Twede, a fifth-generation Mormon, told The Daily Beast that on Sunday his bishop and three other church leaders.

Today in Romney land is also the Friday news dump for tax summaries from Romney. Not tax records but sanitized summaries showing that he did indeed pay far less taxes that “you people”. Senator Reid of Nevada and Senate Majority Leader (also a Mormon) is not pleased with this this news  dump.

“The information released today reveals that Mitt Romney manipulated one of the only two years of tax returns he’s seen fit to show the American people – and then only to ‘conform’ with his public statements,” Reid said in an official response to the release of Romney’s 2011 return, and a brief summary of his tax payments over the last 20 years.


*Edited to add the information below, naming Mormonism as a cult.

*Several sources list the LDS/Mormon church as a non Christian cult. The most authoritative is, The Kingdom of the Cults,  by Walter Martin (standard reference work on the subject):. page 166-266, Chapter 6. Major reason for this classification 1. claim of non virgin birth of Jesus Christ,2.  Polytheistic teaching of LDS (The Book of Mormon teaches the concept of many gods not ONE and only ONE God. 3. The Book of Mormon is considered more reliable and is THE book of theology for the Mormons. In other words, the Christian Bible is not the foundation theology upon which the Mormon Church is based. There are several books with details about how The Book of Mormon was invented by Joseph Smith An American Fraud, One Lawyer’s Case Against Mormonism, by Kay Burningham is probably one of the most detailed. Burningham was born into the Mormon religion and was a true believer until she started acting like a lawyer and demanding evidence to back of the “truths” she grew up believing. (The quote below is from Walter Martin’s reference on cults.)

From these facts it is evident for all to see that Mormonism strives with great effort to masquerade as the Christian church complete with an exclusive message, infallible prophets, higher revelations for a new dispensation which the Mormons would have us believe began with Joseph Smith, Jr.

But it is the verdict of both history and Biblical theology that Joseph Smith’s religion is a polytheistic nightmare nightmare of garbled doctrines draped with the garment of Christian terminology. This fact, if nothing else, brands it as a non-Christian cult system.

. . . . . . . ” [from page 226 — the summary of the evidence presented as to why the LDS church is not a Christian Church.   The Kingdom of Cults, by Walter Martin, Chapter about the LDS]

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