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Prez debates – yawn

Four years ago — it was obvious that 0bama is not a good debater. In the primaries — Hillary Clinton always went first and 0bama’s response seemed to be — yep — what she said.

So tonight Mittens Romney and 0bama “debated” on “domestic” issues. No I did not waste my time — cleaning out the cat box is more entertaining that listening to two Republicans debate how they are going to fix Medicare and Social Security with the cat food commission or the “Simpson/Bowles” commission — which for some reason in this debate it was called the Bowles/Simpson — whatever.

Firedoglake — had a play by play of the debate — for those of us who have weak stomachs. I can’t stand psychopathic liars — which is what most politicians are.

0bama was called the Lessor Evil in the comment section. That just about covers the late great United States — we are down to blithering idiots — with the current Prez nodding his head in agreement too often to the other con-man — Mittens Romney.

So how do we “fix” this sold to the highest bidder “democracy” for sale or rent?

Perhaps getting rid of the Electoral College — winner take all for each state — which means that only a few states really count. How about we all vote and ALL of our votes are counted. One big number of votes decides the winner.

Next — how about have one Nation-wide ballot for the Presidential  election — identical ballots for every voter? If the states and local voting districts have issue and candidates — put those contests on another ballot.

Primaries are the root of all evil. And some states, like Washington State and Texas, have a corrupt caucus system. The evidence is in the primary vote totals and the caucus “votes” for both of these states. Either the primary vote should be on the same day or by geographical blocks – within the time span of one month. Get the primaries over and done with.

Money is the root of all evil — says someone famous. So get the money out of the system or at least control the amount and who can give money. Right now the Supreme Court is another root of all evil — their meddling in politics has cause this election cycle to be the most corrupt and chaos ever in the history of politics.

Of course the GOP will continue its war on women — along with a few nut bags in the other legacy party.


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