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Election done for 2012 — status quo

So the lesser evil won. Whoopee! That’s all I’m going to say on that topic.

The International corporations who buy politicians like we common folk shop for food must be pleased. See Hedrick Smith’s book, Who Stole the American Dream?, for the sad details.

Another day another mass shooting. 

The mighty NRA must be so pleased — another nut job gets his hands on weapons designed to kill lots of people really fast. This time his targets were at an Elementary School in Connecticut. The total kills at this NRA defended event stands at 27. I guess this tops the other nut job in Coloration — that NRA event was “only” 17.

Two issues are in play — the ease with which mentally unbalanced can get weapons of mass killing and the lack of mental health awareness. Please remember that  NOT all people who are mentally ill will become killers — most are self destructive. In the case of the Colorado mass killer — mental health professionals were aware that this person was living in an alternate reality.

It is nearly impossible to predict when these rare nut jobs will cross the line and act on their rage. BUT what can be done is to pass laws so that ban the military style assault weapons are banned for civilian.  Next — mental health screening in order to buy or own or use civilian grade assault weapons. As everyone knows to kill deer and rabbits require super duper automatic weapons.

What is is with the current crop of nut job mass killers and their use of “body armor”?

My heart goes out to the children — and their loss of innocence. The dead are gone and can no longer be hurt. The survivors will suffer and relive the horror.

There is another class of nut jobs who give the knee jerk responses — mentioning that this school was a gun free zone — “if only” someone had a gun and had shot the gunman. Now how stupid is that? Can we imagine untrained gun toting teachers having a shoot out with a nut job wearing body armor and using an assault rifle. It takes extensive training to respond in a real crisis — SWAT sharp shooters practice constantly and even then bullets miss their targets. NYC cops earlier this year managed to hit mostly bystanders during their response to a workplace hostage taking.

From the accounts I’ve read the Connecticut  teachers acted appropriately and focused on hiding the children and getting them out of the building.

Did you hear the response of the religious right god squad to the mass killing of the day? One of the spokesman claimed that this is happening because America is rejecting the god of the religious right. Does that mean that mental illness is merely devil possession and a good exorcism will turn the paranoid schizophrenics sane again? I’m not picking on all paranoid schizophrenics — but the last few mass killers have been diagnosed with one variation or the other of schizophrenia. The vast majority of individuals with diagnosed mental illness are harmless and are self destructive.

It’s too bad that the understanding and treatment of individuals with mental health issues in the USA is ignored until one opens fire on a room full of innocent people. We need an open dialogue and understanding of mental health and mental illness.





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