GOP Light and the Lesser Evil

GOP Light a.k.a 0bama also the Lesser Evil of Election 2012

Back in 2008 0bama made threatening remarks about “fixing” Social Security. It seems that now 0bama’s true face as a GOP is slowly emerging.

From Talking Points Memo:

Amid news reports that President Obama is considering a proposal from House Speaker John Boehner to slow the growth of Social Security payments over time as part of a broader budget deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, senior Democratic congressional aides are portraying the idea as a more palatable alternative to other benefit cuts Republicans have sought. (Bolding added)

As part of a deal that would include higher taxes on top earners and an increase in the debt limit, Republicans are pushing a plan to index Social Security benefits and perhaps tax brackets to a slower-growing measure of inflation called chained CPI.

Meanwhile the thieves of Wall Street get a free never go to jail for massive fraud and theft pass. The Military Industrial Complex will also continue to feed off of the middle class tax payers — since the 1% are mostly dodging their fair share taxes. Mittens Romney refused to show us his tax records and of the two years he did release he was taxed at about 15% which is half or more of what the middle class tax rate.

So the Lesser Evil got out the vote — meanwhile 0bama’s true constituency are the folks who bank rolled his last election — the 1%.

0bama will screw the middle class — as he said he would in 2008.

Those of us who had the wisdom to vote for Jill Stein are now in a position to say — “We told you so.”

But then 0bama is the Lesser Evil along with his “pick on the fat kids” wife. Imagine Ann Romney who claims that being a Mormon missionary is as difficult and as dangerous as serving in a war zone  for the US military. Go Mormons — not. Google it — she made the comparison.

update — fixed typos.


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