Is Obama a Socialist

Short answer NO!

The lesser EVIL of the last election isn’t a Socialist. 

Evidence — in the fiasco now called “0bama care” — The Single Payer Option was never on the table for discussion nor was cost control of health care. The “health” insurance companies were given a free ride. Health care in the USA will be at third world levels for the foreseeable future. 

0bama true constituency are the International Corporations that put him in the white house. 

0bama ordered the murder by Drones of two USA citizens, father and son (16 years old). There was no trial — merely a summary execution. 

Many uninformed elders believe that communism = socialism. So when the FOX news talking heads repeated the meme “0bama is a Socialist” those who grew up during the Cold War era translated Socialist to Communist. 

What are the 3 characteristics  of Socialism?

  1. Social ownership of the means of production 
  2. Economic planning to coordinate production and investment 
  3. Workers’ self-management or collective-decision making in firms

Note that the Corporations and very rich backers of 0bama are not Socialists. 0bama’s backers would not be dumping millions of dollars into an 0bama campaign that would turn around and harm the National and International Corporations in any way. 

The truth about 0bama is bad enough — he is a narcissistic individual as well as a pathological liar. Major environmental disasters have happened during 0bama’s watch — the environment was never even debated between the two Presidential candidates — which means that the greater Evil and lesser EVIL agreed essentially that the environment would be a write off during the next four years. 

During 0bama’s reign the banks, FBI and Homeland Insecurity banded together to torture and subdue the movement called Occupy Wall Street. These are not the actions of a Socialist but rather an Authoritarian Despot.

The truth about 0bama is bad enough — there is no need to make up lies by calling him a Socialist.  


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