Constitution free zone

Last year I wrote about the US Coast Guard and their true job description — agents for Homeland Security. The response to this post was mixed — and the outrage that someone would tell the truth about the mythology of the Coast Guard being the good guys keep coming.

There is an old story about never allowing a camel to get it’s nose inside of your tent — because in no time the whole camel will be in the tent. Same idea about allowing the Constitution to be violated — each step towards the complete trashing of the US Constitution is easier to ignore until it is far too late to shove the camel out of the tent.

The facts of what is happening along ALL the US boarders is far worse then even I imagined — WITH the full support of the US Supreme Court — the US boarders are now also known as the Constitution Free Zone. There is a desire to extend the the Constitution Free Zone 100 miles. Imagine a strip of land (and water) extending into US territory. Anyone living in this Constitution Free Zone can now assume that they are expected to carry citizenship papers and perhaps — who knows if the current paranoia of the Government continues — we may all be micro-chipped?

Since the water Nazis can board any private boat and trash boat decks and the interior of boats — simply because they don’t have anything else to do — what else is next? As history is a witness when the Government decides that we the people are the enemy — we are treated like the enemy.

Right now there is a debate about Drones being used to murder US Citizens. The devoted 0bots tell us that 0bama is wise and to trust him. What if we agree and let the killing continue, after all, 0bama is a Democrat and aren’t Democrats the good guys? What if the GOP plan to rig the vote wins the 2016 election for one winner of the GOP primary. What if this new GOP president guy hates progressives and he has a long hit list — feminists, liberals, Democrats, progressives, Scientists, etc. etc. (yes — some extreme right groups do keep a kill list).

Right now the ultimate evil seems to be el Quaeda — so it is deemed “legal” to take out anyone who is or might be supporting this named terrorist organization. Maybe it is just me but I can never see the justification for murdering a 16 year old boy for the sins of his father. Al Quida is any easy target to hate — these guys have perfected their war on women. But the war on women isn’t why the extremist Islamic are being targets for Drone Strikes. Apparently anyone in a real or imagined leadership position is targeted.

It will be interesting to watch how long the politicians can keep their focus on death by Drones. Meanwhile back on the home front — our Constitution is under attack by State and Federal agencies using tax payer dollars.

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edited with corrected spelling of al Qaeda


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