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Drones and state of the dis-Union

Drones are being used to kill. Seems like even former toys are being used for warfare.

What I find disturbing is that the gamers who are playing with the Drones and “following orders” to kill and harass people in foreign countries might get medals for killing people. Does that mean that medals for the highest “kills” will be awarded to creeps who sit on their asses and are far removed from the battle field and any personal danger.

Before I witnessed Drones flying over the National Forest in New Mexico — I assumed that these death machines were quiet. No way — they are loud but only after they pass. Which means that unless these killing machines are circling a target they can make a silent approach and drop bombs and missiles and the survivors will hear the loud engines as the drones fly away.

0bama can get away with murder — International war crimes. What if Bush had sent out drones to kill as often as 0bama? We can guess what the Democrats would be saying. But for 0bama — only a few seem to even care that children are being murdered by the President of the USA.

But then 0bama isn’t really a liberal — he is and will always be a Reagan Republican. The GOP offers no alternative — since wing nuts and radicals have taken over the former Grand Old Party. The GOP war on women continues – male Senators vote no on the Violence Against Women Act and 8 males tried to block this Bill. It almost seems like the GOP is enabling rapist and wife beaters. It is really discouraging to see the GOP sink to this level of misogynistic behavior. Hard to believe that at one time this party supported the ERA. Betty Ford would be very disappointed in today’s GOP.

Oh and then 0bama care — still not cost control. 0bama care is welfare for the “Health” Insurance Companies. From my reading of the whole bill plus other review of this mess — many people will buy “insurance” that they can’t afford and will end up being sicker. The co-pays for the Silver and Bronze plans are so expensive that there might not be any money left to both visit the doctor and pay for the visit.

What is so hard to understand about “single payer” and cost control. Why do we need to insure the lavish lifestyle of the insurance company CEOs. Seems like that is the only thing that these insurance plans really insure.


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