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Report from AZ

Snowbirds find snow in North western Arizona. Right now it’s warmer where we were a month ago (WA state) than the Southwest. Major storm, cold wind & what happened to the sun?

Then that shoot out in Las Vegas. So sad. So far the Nevada drivers are the worst. So my guess was the big black SUV was out to give the owner of the foreign sports car a lesson? Or was this an assassination?

Back to the horrible – dangerous NV drivers. This is the state where the biggest, loudest car horn would be useful. Cars pull out of side streets – as if they are the only car on the road. The fools must have a death wish. Cars weave in and out of traffic lanes with inches to spare. What is Las Vegas metro traffic like during rush hour?

If I had to choose being caught in a major snow storm — far away from the gaudy Las Vegas strip — I’ll take the snow storm.

It looks like I can make on the road reports from my Android tablet.

Arizona is getting a reputation as one of the crazy states — front line on the war on
women, where ICE agents are more abundant than fleas (or cockroaches). This border war costs US taxpayers billions. I don’t even want to go anywhere near the Constitution free zone of Southern Arizona.

The good news is that there has been rain (and snow) and the Joshua trees have lots of new green growth. The Yucca also looks healthy. This may be an excellent wildflower spring in the making. We drove tbrough an area hard hit by wildfires in southeastern Oregon – the area was black for miles. But we could see shades of green – ever so slight – but the green was evident in the dead of winter.

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