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Who is the enemy?

Who is the enemy? — when All or nearly all of Americans electronic communication is being filtered, examined and stored by the US Government.  At what point will all the data being filtered overwhelm the system?

For an example of too much trivia over whelming the system — It seems like nearly every teenager has a cell phone and these phones are generating massive bits of data. Back in the old days — long before cell phones my sister was the champ of spending hours and hours on the phone every day with her boyfriend. They’d spend hours just listening to each other breath and other such nonsense.  Most of  my teen years I basically had very little access to a telephone. Today teens can have their very own phones and with the invention of texting — they can spend 24/7 on the phone. Unless, of course, the teen is one of the millions living in poverty. What sort of criminals is the NSA looking for? Something just doesn’t add up to justify spending billions and billions on spying of ALL of us, every single day.Will this bit of free speech will go into a database to be kept for — what reason? The TSA  feels they have the “right’ as well to spy and assault the traveling public as well as create vast secret databases filled with thousands or millions of names. The late Senator Ted Kennedy was on a no fly list — he at least was able get his name removed. Average tax paying citizens are SOL to find out why their name is on a secret “enemy” watch list. Apparently there are so many names on the “watch list” making the watching nearly impossible.


Update — answering my own question. Salon has an article that explains just how massive amounts of data can be sorted with ease, apparently. “Netflix, Facebook — and the NSA are all in it together”. Hadoop is a nice open source program used by all the big guys starting with Yahoo and the rest of the vultures. 

Before Hadoop, you were at the mercy of your data. After Hadoop, you were in charge. You could figure out all kinds of interesting things. You could recognize patterns in the data and start to make inferences about what might happen if you made tweaks to your product. What did users do when the interface was adjusted like this? What kinds of ads made them more likely to pull out their credit cards? What did that batch of millions of Verizon calls reveal about the formation of a potential terrorist cell? Facebook wouldn’t be able to exploit the insights of its so-called social graph without tools like Hadoop.


1984 will probably go back on the best seller list again — as a non fiction book.

The above rant is not to dismiss the seriousness of the NSA spying on ALL Americans — according to my long ago high school class on the US constitution the Federal Government  total information collections from all major Internet corporations should be unconstitutional. But what the hay — no President seems to believe that any law applies to him. Bush or 0bomber — not much difference between either narcissistic psychopaths. Europeans are worried about being spied on by US Big Brother as well as a few US citizens we see the danger from the Fed spy agencies and the corporations who share the unconstitutional data gut.

Look at all the money the US Government spends on tracking and spying on Occupy Wall Street citizens or those involved in other peaceful protest movements? But not much has changed — the Federal Government has a long track record of over zealous repression of grass roots citizen protests — the Federal Government always sides with the International corporations. This is our tax money spent by the US Government on massive spying on everyone who uses the Internet. I suspect that “land” line phone communication can be collected and stored as well. Perhaps in country snail mail might be immune. International mail, even first class mail, all bets are off.

J. Edgar Hoover would be so pleased with the new technology and how the major corporate owned parties are cooperating in the game of cover each other’s asses.

When did the fences on secure US military bases expand to ALL citizens and residents of the US and perhaps the whole world?

Way back during the Vietnam War I was a military brat living on a US military base. My military experience began at birth in a US military hospital. Often my schooling was on US military bases. My high school was right next to a US military base. In our senior year we studied the US Constitution. That’s when I learned from the military police that the US Constitution was meaningless to anyone ON BASE — the only “law” that counts is that the the base C.O. (commanding officer). Some may argue with military’s view of civilian law and military law — but take a look at how the military handles rapists and then there is the torture used against whistle blowers ON bases ON people in military prisons. (I’m working on an article about military rape in the “old days”.)

Today I feel like I am living back on base — with the only law in the hands of the CO. Oh and the military police — that would be all the police departments in the US. The civilian police force is now the militarized police force.

Who is the enemy? Every citizen of the US is the enemy — we are the “suspects” according the to TSA. (Four year old girl who did not want to be sexually molested by the TSA was called a suspect. We are all suspects.) The US Coast Guard can board and do property damage on private boats and the ignorant and naive will defend the US military spying and US Coast Guard thunder footed jerks. We are the enemy. School kids are the enemymany states have a school to jail pipeline.

Who is the enemy? Anyone who flies, anyone who uses the Internet or cell phones or works for a living?

What sort of world will the children inherit?

Empty wheel blog is an excellent sort of information on spying and the misbehavior of the spooks.

Her current blog is about Al Gore’s comments regarding NSA and spying. Al Gore says keep your hands off the Internet.

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