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Wednesday 19 June 2013

The GOP — the P now stands for something other than “Party”. Did you hear about the reasoning one masterful male gave behind his anti choice vote? Baby boys touch you know “down there” while in the womb. Except that the one observation was of a female fetus — older than 20 weeks.

This is a quote from the link:

But [the] fetus [cited by Giorgi and Riccardi] was at 32 weeks, not 15 weeks, as Burgess cited. And at 32 weeks, fetuses are usually around 3.5 pounds. At 15 weeks, fetuses are around 4 inches long and weigh just a few ounces. Presuming the 1996 finding is the norm (and represents a big jump in itself), the research still doesn’t give any credence to Burgess’s already shocking don’t abort fetuses because they’re masturbating logic, because the fetus witnessed in 1996 was twice the age Burgess cited. Basically, the masturbating fetus argument does not help anything — and it may undermine Burgess’s insistence that fetuses feel pain and pleasure at 15 weeks.

GOP and the military have a lot in common — both lie all the time except for the rare statement which might contain a bit of truth. But they lie so often that they turn the rare truth into a lie.

And then Kim Dotcom — the owner of MegaUpload file storage business who was raided by the NZ and US feds is most unhappy that all the seized computer files have been sent to computer hell or off to play with the ghosts. Perhaps he needs to ask the NSA for all of his files — from what I’ve been reading the NSA has a copy of every single bit of data we send over the network. Since Kim Dotcom is based in NZ and the file server business was in Europe — seems like the NSA could have scooped up the files while they were zipping through Utah??

What a strange world we live in.

Another GOP fella named Phil Gingrey wants school kids to take classes in sex role stereotyping. As if kids aren’t already bombarded from birth about gender roles. Sit the kids down and put mass media advertising and the news on fast forward — plug these images directly into the input link of kids. Oops no uplink has been ordered by the NSA/big Brother. Well why the hell not.

There are a whole lot of us who are really unhappy with the Democrat party and are now Independents. But apparently the GOP isn’t interested in returning to the old days when they were the party that supported the ERA and other so called liberal issues.

Isn’t it about time for the Poles (North/South) to shift?


Sex Lies and the War on men (sic) by James Taranto at the WSJ

Lately I’ve noticed that the WSJ, on social issues, follows the talking points of the extreme white male patriarchy. If I want to learn the latest approved taking points of the white male patriarchy one of the nutty mouth pieces of the extreme haters will be sure to have a silly column.

Apparently the boys are unhappy that women are tired of being third class citizens. Girls learn very early that the whole world hates females and that there are too many bad men who want to hurt us. Most of us don’t make it to adulthood without being sexually molested by serial molesters. We know as adults that the evil men are a tiny minority — but the problem is that this tiny minority can get away with their perversions because they have enablers within the patriarchy who scream — women lie, girls lie, therefore men are the ones who are really threatened and the “war” is really against men.

As a child I watched the males close ranks and protect a serial rapist. Real women — not the men with boobs — understand about the war on women. The male patriarchy wants to restrict and even take away women’s birth control options. The male patriarchy wants to reduce American women to reproductive tanks.

James Taranto is merely a mouth piece for the patriarchy.


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