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In the news Thursday 20 Junw

1984 – when Science Fiction becomes reality.

The unsurprising details about the close relationship between the NSA and the Internet corporations is turning out to be a story that won’t go away anytime soon. I’ve been reading about this story for years — the hacking by the government. Fire Dog Lake was the first to make the connection between the hacking by a media corporation and the mass collection of personal data by the NSA.

The NSA is merely doing what the TSA does with our bodies. WE are the enemy — anyone not in the godly 1% is the enemy. The 1% are the modern day gods — they are worshiped by the GOP and a whole lot of Dem politicians. The majority of politicians fall on their knees and worship the 1%.

 Skype’s “Project Chess,” a years-old top-secret initiative (only eight people at the company knew about it) to make Skype calls and data “readily available to intelligence agencies and law enforcement officials”—putting the lie to claims that Skype’s cooperation with law enforcement was at the bidding of its new owners at Microsoft.

Then there is the paranoid right represented by Rand Paul who is already running for Prez of the USA 2016.The trick will be to blame all of this spying on 0bama and the Dems. This quote from the above link tells us much about the guiding philosophy of Rand Paul as well as his father Ron Paul:

Rand Paul, like his father, is deeply influenced by the political-economic philosophy of Ayn Rand. Paul usually soft-peddles his Randism, though he sometimes communicates to fellow believers through dog whistles, like playing Rush (who once dedicated an album to “the genius of Ayn Rand”) at his victory speech.Rand’s philosophy is a kind of inverted Marxism, imagining politics as a struggle between a virtuous producer class that creates all wealth and the parasites who exploit them. (Marx believed the workers produced all wealth and the capitalists robbed it from them; Rand believed roughly the opposite.) Also like Marx, Rand considered conventional democratic government as a cover for this kind of exploitation. If the majority could tax the rich to benefit itself, this was tyranny.

The GOP House version of the Farm Bill was killed.

Partisan accusations of broken promises erupted Thursday as a version of a House five-year farm bill was defeated in stunning fashion, 195-234, with 62 Republicans joining a majority of Democrats against the bill.

Blame was being cast mostly on the bill’s huge cut to the food stamp program, exacerbated by a late Republican amendment that some Democrats — who may otherwise still have voted for the wider bill — felt was too punitive in forcing work requirements for food-stamp recipients.

The GOP the party of the right wing extremists who want all women to carry all pregnancies to term but who really don’t like living children. The stupid part of the work for food program is that no provision is made for the child care — who will take care of the kids while mostly moms are off picking up garbage or whatever slave tasks the GOP dictates?

Whoopee do the Dems and Independently thinking GOP can work together to stop the dogmatic march of the GOP over the cliff called Stupid.

How we know they’re lying to us  A blog post worth reading. Well we know the government lies so when the lying liars deny anything — they are probably lying.

According to multiple reports we are now learning the perhaps 0bomber was wire tapped in 2004 during the Bush dynastic rule. It is impossible to take politics OUT of spying. In the good old days of J.E.. Hoover’s FBI — he spied on the rich and famous and for the politicians. Not much has changed. I’ll bet the NSA is spying on the Hollywood types just like Hoover used to do.

More on US Government spying –– by Marcy Wheeler of the Empty wheel blog.

The conclusion: for seven years, the government has been systematically collecting and keeping our phone records, all to thwart a handful of plots that, it turns out, could have been stopped in a much less invasive fashion. Is this really a program the Obama administration wants to defend?

emptywheel blog link — probably the best analysis on the subject of the current revelations about US data collection on all of us. Both parties and many mega corporations are involved and in bed.


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