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Fiction or Fact — 1984

Here’s a bright future outlook for all the sweet babies being born into that future world:

In the future, you will probably be a terrorist

Want to stop climate change? You might be a terrorist. Concerned that Wall Street crime wave is destroying the economy? You might be a terrorist. Tired of endless wars of choice that are draining our treasury while enriching the military industrial complex? You might be a terrorist. Thinking about becoming a Quaker? You might be a terrorist. Have you expressed dismay about the misplaced priorities of government, disinvesting in education while investing in prisons? You might be a terrorist. Are you one of the regular folks who will get sort of uppity if there are food, water or other life essentials shortages? You might be a terrorist.

Still reading this article? There’s a record of that somewhere; you might be a terrorist.

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US Government and Corporations Cooperate To Create Your Dystopian Future

Or is the future here? Occupy Wall Street — Homeland Security organized local police departments to respond the the peaceful protests. The response of the cops was often brutal, brutish, and rather like what we were taught how communist countries treat democracy demonstrations.



That last link I just noticed was written by Michael Hastings — the Investigative Journalist who was most probably assassinated by any of a number of corporate or Federal spy groups. When the FBI feels it necessary to deny spying on Hastings — are we supposed to believe the lying liars?

Car blows up in a one car accident — I have seen this scene in dozens of spy drama — both in the movie theater and on the TV screen. On TV the car is usually in a large parking lot and the actors are walking away and you just know that the car will blow up.

After having driven a computerized car with a glitch — and today most automatic transmissions are computerized — this Toyota car I was driving suddenly started to accelerate while my foot was firmly planted on the brake. This happened in 2006 TWICE on a cross country trip. It would be very easy for the bad guys — someone who feared Hastings truth telling skills — to order a hit. This hit was dirty and it was a message to all other investigative reporters. The LAPD say nothing to see — keep moving. So is this what the future holds the militarized police and the Feds or the corporate mercenaries assassinate journalists or computer whiz kids??? This is not a world I want to grow up in — for once I’m thankful to be retired.

Self Censor — do it now — message from Congress, and the military Industrial Complex as well as countless others with secrets to hide. With all the spying going on — I’m wondering just how many politicians are being blackmailed or are blackmailing others.

Notice with all the spying by The US and the UK — NOT one bank or wall street crime has been stopped and the banks continue to steal and loot from all of us — ALL of us 99%.

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