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31 March 2001 US spy plane over China

The history of the US spying on China goes way back and the spy flights over China started sometime during the Cold War which started almost immediately at the end of WWII.

The latest chapter of revelations from Edward Snowdon of NSA spying on China’s University and Internet should come as no surprise to the taxpayers who are funding the spy games.

On 31 March 2001 US citizens learned that the US was actively spying on China with frequent overflights of the Chinese mainland. A Chinese jet fighter crashed after bumping the US spy plane — and this started a diplomatic dust up that went on for some time. The US spy plane landed in China and the plane was stripped of super secret equipment.

Spy planes overflying “Communist Red territory has gone on for years. There is a retired spy plane at Moffet Field Museum, near Sunnyvale in the Bay Area of California. Way back when I was in grade school on a US Navy Air Base the dependents (kids) of the men flying missions over the Commie countries had a meeting on the play field during recess. We pretty much knew what our dad’s did for a living and what they were doing when they deployed overseas. We had learned that our dads were involved in Cat and mouse games while overflying “enemy” territory. We decided that the enemy seems to be aware of the spy missions and our side (the good guys) who were doing the flying and the politicians who funded the work our dad’s were doing probably knew about the spying. The only people who were ignorant of the spy games were the taxpayers or the vast majority of citizens of the countries involved. From a young age military brats — at least of my era — were trained to never speak to anyone about what our dads really did for a living. So none of us “dependents” broke the unwritten code.  However, with Air Museums stocking their exhibits with retired spy planes and web pages with the history of squadrons who did the work — the information about the long history of US spying is now public knowledge.

Do a web search for Moffett Field Museum and then click on the photos. I used the search engine — Bing. The US aircraft in the news story quoted below is a modern version of one of the planes at the Moffett Air Field.

A US EP-3 Aries II spy plane collides with a Chinese fighter jet over the South China Sea. The fighter crashes, killing the pilot; the EP-3 makes an emergency landing at a Chinese air base on China’s Hainan Island, a landing described as illegal by Chinese officials. 24 American crewmen—including three women and eight code-breakers—are taken into custody by the Chinese. The incident is the Bush administration’s first real foreign-policy crisis.[CNN, 4/2001BBC, 4/5/2001] The precise location of the US plane is in dispute, with US officials saying that the plane was in international airspace when the collision occurred, and Chinese officials saying that the aircraft was over Chinese airspace.

Remember the story about the Chinese hacking US secrets back in February this year? That is just one link of 24,000,000 hits on the search string “Chinese hacking US secrets”. A quote from the link:

Last week, an American security firm published a study that suggests that the Chinese military is part of a sophisticated hacking group that has targeted several American companies.

On February 20, 2013, Mandiant, the American computer security firm, published a 60-page study, which tracked members of a sophisticated Chinese hacking group — known to those affected in the United States as the “Comment Crew” or “Shanghai Group”— to a neighborhood where the People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398 (P.L.A. Unit 61398) is located.

The discussion of the hacks and exactly who released the information about Chinese military hacking read with the comments of Norman Pollack  in his article for Counter Punch called Militarizing Capitalism and the picture of what is really happening is becoming clearer.

These war games and spying have been going on forever — and the politicians are willing to keep the games going while stealing from citizens and taxpayers. The politicians and corporations want to keep their secrets and now the games of state have been moved to spying on everyone, everywhere. The politicians and corporations are only angry because someone exposed their massive fraud on the whole world. Spies play games and these games can be dangerous but mostly the cost of these games mean that we are not funding infrastructure repair and maintenance. I clearly remember where I was when I saw the news about the collapse of the Inter State 5 — bridge in Washington State near the Canadian Border. As the news flowed out from Washington we learned that this sort of massive bridge failure could potentially happen anywhere.

Glenn Greenwald has spoken out on the US charges against Edward Snowdon. Greenwald points out that one of the biggest leakers happens to be President Obama and he is only pissed by non approved leaks.

This Greenwald quote is probably being repeated on dozens of blogs:

For a politician who tried to convince Americans to elect him based on repeated pledges of unprecedented transparency and specific vows to protect “noble” and “patriotic” whistleblowers, is this unparalleled assault on those who enable investigative journalism remotely defensible? Recall that the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer said recently that this oppressive climate created by the Obama presidency has brought investigative journalism to a “standstill”, while James Goodale, the General Counsel for the New York Times during its battles with the Nixon administration,wrote last month in that paper that “President Obama will surely pass President Richard Nixon as the worst president ever on issues of national security and press freedom.” Read what Mayer and Goodale wrote and ask yourself: is the Obama administration’s threat to the news-gathering process not a serious crisis at this point?


The irony is obvious: the same people who are building a ubiquitous surveillance system to spy on everyone in the world, including their own citizens, are now accusing the person who exposed it of “espionage.


The Obama administration leaks classified information continuously. They do it to glorify the President, or manipulate public opinion, or even to help produce a pre-election propaganda film about the Osama bin Laden raid. The Obama administration does not hate unauthorized leaks of classified information. They are more responsible for such leaks than anyone.

What they hate are leaks that embarrass them or expose their wrongdoing. Those are the only kinds of leaks that are prosecuted. It’s a completely one-sided and manipulative abuse of secrecy laws. It’s all designed to ensure that the only information we as citizens can learn is what they want us to learn because it makes them look good. The only leaks they’re interested in severely punishing are those that undermine them politically. The “enemy” they’re seeking to keep ignorant with selective and excessive leak prosecutions are not The Terrorists or The Chinese Communists. It’s the American people. [Bolding by me]

This is the truest statement about Obama administration’s reaction to Snowden’s leaks. WE are the enemy — the enemy already knows about the spying by the US. WE are the ones being spied on by the US Government WITH our tax dollars. If a bunch of 5th graders on a military base in the middle of the Cold War can figure out that the secret we were keeping was not to let the tax payers know exactly how their money was being spent.

None of the leaks are earth shattering. We know that Google and other Internet corporations spy on us — Even Firedoglake.com blog has evidence of clicks I’ve made at various websites and I see ads for some of the merchandise I’ve looked at. Ads are tailored to our Internet viewing habits. Those ads support the search engines — and I am a heavy user of search engines. I was trained to be a researchers — and my interests are so wide ranging that it must be confusing to anyone but myself.

What is wrong is that the US Government is treating us as the enemy and we are paying for their dirty backstabbing games.

 We are reaching the point of no return as a nation, assigning to privatization much of the business of data mining (and it emphatically is a business) wherein our private lives are stripped as nearly bare as possible, the information routed to government for purposes of surveillance, and to private business—often the same information—so as to stimulate wants and sell goods and services.  Norman Pollack, Militarization of Capitalism (link above).

P.S. Let’s not forget the Drone wars and all the places these military aircraft are sent. Iran hasn’t been very welcoming of these spy flights. Oh I forget — they are the baddies — for now — until the politicians (Big Brother) decides that the aren’t evil any more. I’ll keep reading the news to learn when I can stop being afraid of Iran.

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