Cave art 6000 years old Tenn.

As an antidote to the news of the misbehavior of Governments I’m starting a series on North American Archaeology. One of my degrees is in Anthropology, but my interest in the prehistory of the Americans began while I was in grade school. I’ve spent several winter seasons in the 4 corners region (AZ, NM, CO, UT) probably as a follow up to classes I took to get my degree in Anthro. I love visiting ancient ruins and looking at ancient pottery as well as the rock art left by Native Americans. There is so much more to learn about the ancient ones. 

So with that Introduction to this blog series I’m going to give a link to a series of photos of cave art in Tennessee from six thousand years ago. This is very exciting news — the fact that this ancient art work has survived all this time is fantastic. The researchers are behaving responsibly and collecting data in a non destructive manner. 

One of the crimes of the invading Europeans is their hobby of grave robbing so much of what we could have learned about the prehistoric world and culture of the Indians has been lost. Most of the climate of the Eastern US isn’t kind to the preservation of most ancient artifacts, evidently this cave is that wonderful exception

I’m working on an article about Chaco Canyon and some new discoveries by Engineers and Math specialists which shed new light onto the fantastic complexity of the Chaco monuments. These monuments according to two authors are Engineering master pieces — or were they Shamanistic Engineering master pieces. When we visited Chaco canyon National Park this spring I took hundreds of photos and I will illustrate my article with these photos. 

Chaco Canyon has a mystery — in fact several mysteries and there is a husband and wife writing team who has based their mysteries on prehistoric archaeological research. This is perhaps the only mystery series that has an extensive bibliography at the end of the book. These books are fictions, based on facts. Kathleen O’Neal Gear and Michael Gear have a whole series of mysteries one of their best is: The Summoning God (Anasazi Mysteries)



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