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News and views for 22 June 2013

Here we go again — sexual molestation by US military officer, Air Force. This new case underlines the one I watched unfold as a child way back during the Cold War years. That was back in the era when few if any rapes were reported. In this current case the victim was a child. I really hate to hear/read about cases like this. However, thanks in large part to the MALE GOP in congress if this guy happens to be convicted his conviction could be overturned by someone higher in the chain of command. There are far too many rape enablers in the military.

“Kabban’s case is just the latest in sordid situation where military members allegedly assaulted people not in uniform.” So the the GOP gas bags who believe that if only women weren’t allowed to join the military then there will be no male hormones on overdrive from the mere sight of a female type person. . . . . . and the victim blaming continues.

The latest whistle Blower, Edward Snowden, seems like the US is going to try to get him returned to the US to face the wrath of 0bama — The drone Prez and torture king. Yep just like good ‘ole boy Bush/Cheney. All the news reports are just copies of the press release so most likely this news surprises no one. Some really rich guy in Iceland says he will send a plane for Snowden. I pity anyone who even looks like Snowden — you guys will be strip seached, xrayed etc. Hopefully no one will be turned to a grease spot by one of 0bama’s drones.

Oh — sorry to all you “progressives” who voted for 0bomber — twice. But I told you so — I knew 0bama would be merely a continuation of the Bush drama. For the record I wish I was wrong. As far as I can tell Mr. and Mrs. 0bama just want to get through the next few years so that BOTH can make a whole lot of money and become part of the 1%.

Federal nullification by the states of federal law enforcement — this is a new concept. via Yahoo news:

An Associated Press analysis found that about four-fifths of thestates now have enacted local laws that directly reject or ignore federal laws on marijuana use, gun control, health insurance requirements and identification standards for driver’s licenses. The recent trend began in Democratic leaning California with a 1996 medical marijuana law and has proliferated lately in Republican strongholds like Kansas, where Gov. Sam Brownback this spring became the first to sign a measure threatening felony charges against federal agents who enforce certain firearms laws in his state.

My first thought was what about the decriminalization of the sale pot in my state. Right now the 0bama Justice department etc. is spending a ton of money on closing legal by stat laws —  medical marijuana outlets in several states.

I never smoked pot — and yet I can see the logic of putting an end to the Pot wars. Prohibition of booze was dumb in the early 20th century and the prohibition and crimilization of Pot is just as dumb in this century. Thing is if people want to smoke pot — and buy the stuff then why not let the states make money from the stuff? Making money for the states as opposed to the tax payers funding the war on pot.

Problem is that the decision to legalize pot or not is a political decision no science involved. Evidently the Feds get to call the shots. I guess we’ll have to get out our lawn chairs and pop corn and watch the battle. But then when an old goat named Scalia sits on the Supreme court and HE doesn’t believe in Molecular Biology that tells us a whole lot about any legal decisions having to do with science.

My most favorite bit of news for the WHOLE week is about a huge rodent called a capybara and his best buddy — a cat. Capybara look like huge hamster. That would be a super sized hamster.

Here’s the link to capybara and cat friends.


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